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Gait Biometrics Market

Gait Biometrics Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2021-2031

Gait Biometrics Market: Evolution

Gait recognition technologies are attracting groundswell of attention as next-gen, unobtrusive biometrics. Gait recognition technologies have made astounding advances over the years; still, the gait biometrics market is evolving relatively slowly with other fingerprint and iris recognition technologies. Advancements in psychophysics and algorithmic methods have enabled the grouping of spatial-temporal parameters.

Intense research in human motion analysis have brought at the forefront some state-of-the art video imagery analysis technologies and mathematical models. Gait biometrics are being viewed as a highly promising for spectrum of applications in policing, criminal justice, and national security applications. Concurrently, the gait biometrics market is projected to witnessed constant development on the back of burgeoning interest of policymakers and law enforcement agencies in the role of human ambulation in understanding human behaviors. They can be used for both for identification and verification of identities.

Gait Biometrics Market: Drivers, Current Prospects, Lucrative Avenues

The non-intrusive nature of the gait recognition technology is perhaps the most compelling consumer propositions of the products in the gait biometrics market. Advancements in the automated vision-based algorithms have made the technology more reliable. Growing potential of gait biometrics in national security processes and forensic service practice has spurred demand research in the gait biometrics market.

Emerging gait recognition techniques have generated optimisms among law enforcement agencies on the back of vast amount of information that can be gleaned about human ambulation. Some of the unique advantages of gait biometrics are its possible utilization from long-distance mode, non-cooperative perception of human motion, and without the need of those persons in the existing database. Typically, gait recognition technologies can be used to analyze people up to five hundred feet away.

One of the promising target propositions for players in the gait biometrics market is the use of gait biometrics in gender and age prediction. Moreover, ongoing research in gait-based soft biometrics will pave way for lucrative avenues in the gait biometrics market. 

Gait Biometrics Market: Competition Landscape

A number of players are keenly spending on R&D for new methods that can generate more reliable results in the gait biometrics market. Particularly, he gait biometrics market has gained from growing collaboration between industry players and academia, notably funded by government agencies in developed nations. A case in point is massive funding by United States’ Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency to the University of Southampton for gait biometric research. Multiple institutes are leveraging their R&D funds, with Georgia Institute of Technology, MIT and the Lappeenranta University of Technology being some recent cases in point.

Players across the globe are making concerted efforts in developing gait recognition algorithms that are compatible with currently used biometrics hardware and software. In this regard, a convolutional neural networks will open up incredible avenues in the gait biometrics market.

Some of the key players in the gait biometrics market are Tekscan, Inc., Qualisys AB, Noraxon USA Inc., Motek Medical BV, mCube Inc., Innovative Sports Training Inc., Gait Up, CIR Systems Inc., Bodytech Australia Pty. Ltd., and BioSensics.

Gait Biometrics Market: Regional Landscape

Developing and developed countries in North America and Asia Pacific have generated potential revenues in the gait biometrics market. The U.S. in particular has witnessed intense interest of gait biometrics for use in military facilities. Growing prospects of gai biometrics has spurred research funding for developing novel gait recognition technologies and algorithms. Furthermore, Asia Pacific gait biometrics market has been increasingly attracting the attention of biometric developers pursuing research in criminal psychology and human ambulation-based behavioural psychology.

Gait Biometrics Market

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