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'Convenience' to Remain a Differentiating Parameter to Survive in the Fumigation Products Market

Volume sales in the fumigation products market were recorded at ~662 thousand tons in 2018, and the uptake in their demand in residential, agricultural, and storage applications is estimated to drive sales worth ~1.17 million tons by 2027.

Also, prior to the transportation of agricultural products, there is high demand for fumigants in warehouses. A hawk-eye on hygienic and infection-free food products in the food & beverage industry has passed the stress onto the agricultural sector to ensure the quality of raw materials, which has substantially led to the rise in the fumigation practice.

Analyzing the future scope of demand, players in the fumigation products market are seen outperforming their competitors on the basis of 'convenience'. The availability of fumigation products in various forms - solid, liquid, and gaseous - offers ease of use to end users, which has been a driving force for sales in the fumigation products market.

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Rising Awareness Regarding False Claims of Fumigation Products to Impede Sales

The very nature of fumigants is volatile and toxic. Despite this, several companies in the fumigation products market claim to have produced fumigation products that are poisonous to only insects and not humans. Such false claims lead to the reckless use of fumigants, which affects the health of pest control service providers. Incidences related to the ill-effects of these products on human health have been coming to light, which has been limiting the true sales potential of the fumigation products market.

Also, regular exposure to fumigants for a prolonged period of time could cause acute and chronic disorders in humans, which has instigated the shift of pest control service providers towards natural and less hazardous disinfectants such as fungicides, insecticides, and herbicides. Manufacturers of these harmless products further attract sales by offering cost benefits to end users, which is projected to upkeep a medium-to-high level of threat of substitutes in the fumigation products market.

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North America Strengthens its Hold on the Fumigation Products Market

In 2019, North America is projected to account for sales of ~264 thousand tons worth of fumigation products, and likely to record a volume CAGR of ~3% during 2019-2027. A significant part of this growth is attributable to the presence of stringent government regulations in the U.S. and Canada, which ensures that only quality products penetrate the fumigation products market. In addition, a significant number of warehouses in the region, used for the storage of agricultural products, are likely to upkeep the demand for fumigants during the forecast period.

It is worth noting that, the growth of the Asia Pacific fumigation products market is evincing an exponential trajectory, on account of the urban sprawl, which is generating demand for pest control from warehouses as well as residential areas.

Since the technology used for the development of fumigation products is relatively expensive, North America is home to a substantial number of fumigation product market players, while Asia Pacific is seen as a cash cow for investment. Given the number of consolidation opportunities, the overall degree of competition in the fumigation products market will be high during the forecast period.

fumigation products market segmentation

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Authors of the report opine that, the fumigation product market will register a sluggish CAGR of ~4% during the forecast period of 2019-2027. Since sound technical knowledge is a must to survive in this fragmented landscape, new entrants face difficulties investing high upfront working capital into the business, which is likely to create an entry barrier in the fumigation products market. Well-established market players tend to set up efficient and organized transportation systems to ensure the delivery of their products in the stipulated time.

Though available in abundance, the prices of raw material such as ammonia, aluminum, yellow phosphorus, and magnesium are volatile in nature. Hence, players in the fumigation products market can enter into long-term partnerships with suppliers to avoid fluctuations in raw material prices.

Fumigation Products: Description

  • Fumigation is a method of pest control. The fumigation process involves the elimination of pests by using fumes of certain chemicals. Fumigation can help eliminate nematodes, bacteria, fungi, weeds, and other hard-to-remove pests. It is one of the most reliable methods of pest control for grain storage and cargo. Fumigation products are highly toxic chemicals that can eliminate pests during any part of their lifecycle stages, from eggs to full-grown adults.
  • Chemicals that are used for fumigation include magnesium phosphide, aluminum phosphide, sulfuryl fluoride, and carbon dioxide (CO2). These fumigation chemicals can be used in a wide variety of applications, from domestic fumigation to fumigation for large cargo transit and grain storage.

 What are the Key Growth Drivers of the Global Fumigation Products Market?

  • The demand for fumigation products primarily comes from agricultural produce and grain storage applications. Increase in the infestation of insects in stored food grains such as lesser grain borer (rhyzopertha dominica), granary weevil (sitophilus granaries), rice weevil (sitophilus oryzae), and angoumois grain moth (sitotroga cerealella) poses a serious threat to warehouse operators. Increase in the demand for high quality grains with consistent appearance is anticipated to drive the demand for fumigation products for food grain storage/warehouses.
  • Globalization is driving the worldwide trade of agricultural produce. Containers that carry food items and storage units at ports need frequent pest control in order to prevent loss that could be caused by insects.
  • Increase in the urban population across the globe is driving the demand for residential construction, especially in developing countries such as China, India, Brazil, and Mexico. Rise in the number of residential spaces and transformation of rural areas into urban areas are projected to pose a threat of infestation in newly constructed residential spaces in the near future, thus fueling the demand for fumigation products from the residential sector.

What are the Major Challenges for the Global Fumigation Products Market?

  • Fumigation products are highly toxic chemicals. These generate poisonous gases when exposed to air and moisture, which can be dangerous not only for the technician applying fumigation products but also for the people around the treated area. Thus, the application of fumigation products requires the utmost care, and must be carried out by certified professionals only.
  • Developing countries such as South Africa, India, and Mexico lack the skilled professionals required for fumigation. This restricts the growth of the global fumigation products market in these countries.

Lucrative Opportunities for Global Fumigation Products Market

  • International trade of agricultural produce is expected to play an important role in contributing toward food security in several supply-deficit countries. Countries that are experiencing extreme climate events rely on international trade in order to meet their domestic demand, resulting in increased need for storage. Stored agricultural produce is always prone to infestation. If not treated properly, this infestation can damage stored goods, which can result in heavy losses to storage companies.
  • The global production of food grains has increased, and international trade has risen significantly in the past few years with the emergence of new exporters and importers of agricultural produce. Fluctuation in the production of agricultural products due to seasonal changes in developing economies such as Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, and Russia has been a major development in the global agriculture sector.
  • Fumigation is the most popular method of pest control employed in agricultural produce storage facilities across the world. The global demand to store surplus agricultural produce for future trade is anticipated to lead to the high demand for fumigation products across the globe during the forecast period.

North America to Dominate Global Fumigation Products Market

  • North America is the leading consumer of fumigation products. The U.S. is the prominent producer and consumer of fumigation products in the region. North America is expected to lead the global fumigation products market in terms of volume and value during the forecast period.
  • Rapid urbanization and rise in demand for fumigation products from the warehouse/storage industry are boosting the demand for fumigation products in North America.
  • North America is also one of the major producers of food grains. Furthermore, the demand for fumigation from the residential sector has been expanding significantly in the region. Increase in the demand for fumigation products for use in these applications is estimated to drive the fumigation products market in the region during the forecast period.

Asia Pacific to Offer Growth Opportunities

  • Asia Pacific is another prominent region in terms of consumption of fumigation products. China is a highly lucrative market for fumigation products in Asia Pacific.
  • Increase in the number of nuclear families and rise in the procurement of houses due to rapid urbanization are projected to fuel the expansion of urban areas with several residential building in developing countries such as China, India, and other South Asian countries. This is expected to drive the fumigation products market in Asia Pacific.
  • Growth in the demand for fumigation products for use in applications such as warehouse/storage, agriculture, and residential sectors is expected to augment the growth of the fumigation products market in Asia Pacific during the forecast period.

Leading Players Actively Engage in Mergers & Acquisitions

Key players operating in the global fumigation products market include

  • Rentokil Initial plc
  • Solvay S.A.
  • Detia Degesch GmbH
  • Industrial Fumigant Company LLC
  • Royal Agro Organic Pvt. Ltd.
  • National Fumigants
  • Corteva Agriscience
  • JAFFER Group of Companies
  • AMVAC Chemical Corporation

‚ÄčThese companies are engaged in expansions, mergers & acquisitions, and joint ventures in order to increase their share of the global fumigation products market.

Fumigation Products Market – Scope of the Report

A latest study collated and published by Transparency Market Research (TMR) analyzes the historical and present-day scenario of the global fumigation products market, to accurately gauge its potential future development. The study presents detailed information about the important growth factors, restraints, and key trends that are creating the landscape for the future growth of the global fumigation products market to identify opportunistic avenues of the business potential for stakeholders. The report also provides insightful information about how the global fumigation products market will progress during the forecast period of 2019–2027.

The report offers intricate dynamics about the different aspects of the global fumigation products market that aid companies operating in the market in making strategic development decisions. TMR’s study also elaborates on significant changes that are highly anticipated to configure the growth of the global fumigation products market during the forecast period. It also includes a key indicator assessment to highlight the growth prospects of the global fumigation products market, and estimate statistics related to market progress in terms of value (US$ thousand) and volume (tons).

This study covers a detailed segmentation of the global fumigation products market, along with key information and a competitive outlook. The report provides the company profiles of key players that are currently dominating the global fumigation products market, wherein, various development, expansion, and winning strategies practiced and executed by these leading players have been presented in detail.

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s Report on the Global Fumigation Products Market

The report provides detailed information about the global fumigation products market on the basis of a comprehensive research on various factors that are playing a key role in accelerating the growth potential of the market. Information mentioned in the report answers path-breaking questions for companies that are currently functioning in the market and are looking for innovative ways to create a unique benchmark in the global fumigation products market, so as to help them in making successful strategies and take target-driven decisions.

  • Which type of fumigation product will emerge as a revenue generator for the global fumigation products market during the forecast period?
  • How are key market players successfully earning revenue out of the advantages of fumigation products?
  • What will be the Y-o-Y growth of the global fumigation products market between 2019 and 2027?
  • What are the winning imperatives of market frontrunners in the global fumigation products market?
  • Which end-use industry is expected to develop maximum applications for fumigation products during the forecast period?

Research Methodology – Global Fumigation Products Market

The research methodology adopted by analysts for combining the fumigation products market report is based on detailed primary as well as secondary research. With the help of in-depth insights of the industry-affiliated information obtained and legitimated by market-admissible resources, analysts have offered riveting observations and authentic forecasts of the global fumigation products market.

During the primary research phase, analysts interviewed industry stakeholders, investors, brand managers, vice presidents, and sales and marketing managers. On the basis of data obtained through the interviews of genuine resources, analysts have emphasized the changing scenario of the global fumigation products market.

For secondary research, analysts scrutinized numerous annual report publications, white papers, industry association publications, and company websites to obtain the necessary understanding of the global fumigation products market.

Global Fumigation Products Market – Segmentation

TMR’s research study assesses the global fumigation products market on the basis of form, treatment method, end user, and region. This report presents extensive market dynamics and progressive trends associated with different segments, and how they are influencing the growth prospects of the global fumigation products market. 





Treatment Method

Magnesium Phosphide

Aluminum Phosphide

Sulfuryl Fluoride

Carbon Dioxide (CO2)


End User



Warehouses/ Storage



North America

Latin America


Asia Pacific

Middle East & Africa

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