Innovations in Modified Atmosphere Technology Forms Basis of Smart Packaging for Seafood

The demand for premium quality food products with improved shelf life is on the rise. Likewise, advancements in technology of fresh meat packaging have brought a revolution in the marketing and distribution of food products.

In the seafood packaging landscape, modified atmosphere technology has helped meet consumer demand for fresh and refrigerated seafood with an extended shelf life. Innovations in the modified atmosphere packaging (MAP) landscape have helped stakeholders develop case-ready packaging, where the meat is cut and packaged for transportation, which gives an aesthetic display of the seafood in supermarkets and retail stores.

In the global fresh meat packaging market, innovations in plastic materials and equipment have led to developments in the modified atmosphere packaging landscape. However, there is the need for more advanced technological and logistical solutions for the efficient preservation of raw chilled fresh meat, and also maintaining the quality of meat. Modified atmosphere packaging requires a significant amount of capital investment to maintain fresh food gas grade for packaged meat. With the help of active and intelligent packaging in smart packaging technologies, stakeholders can facilitate companies in efficaciously preserving various seafood products by providing better convenience, containment, and protection from microbial actions.

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Leveraging PE Packaging Solutions with Nanomaterials Technology

Plastic packaging is undergoing many innovations in the fresh meat packaging landscape. Plastic packaging serves as the most resource-efficient solution for stakeholders in helping companies prevent food waste and product waste during transportation.

With the advent of achieving the benchmark of becoming a circular economy, stakeholders are producing plastic packaging made of single layer to ensure the ease of recycling. There has been an increase in the number of packer fillers and mono PET (Polyethylene terephthalate) trays in the fresh meat packaging market. Stakeholders are also manufacturing packaging solutions with the technology of nano-silver particles (AgNPs) that serve as smart packaging solutions and prevent meat spoilage. Other research & development efforts are turning towards PLA (Polylactic Acid) composite films that are weighted with silver-copper nanoparticles and cinnamon essential oil into the polymer matrix with the help of the compression molding technique that prevents the pathogenic and bacteria spoilage of poultry products.

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Sustainable Packaging Serves as Efficient Alternative to Conventional Plastic Packaging

The health kick in consumers has created an undesirable perception for plastic fresh meat packaging. This notion has given rise to sustainable packaging solutions in the fresh meat packaging landscape.

Similarly, stakeholders are developing user-friendly software that facilitate design packaging for a range of meat products. This software is collaborated with modified atmosphere packaging, which helps strike the right balance of gas composition by taking into consideration the permeation of gases through the packaging film, and serves as a sustainable packaging solution.

The fresh meat packaging market is highly fragmented, which is creating opportunities of business for new market players to enter into the landscape. In the sustainable packaging landscape, stakeholders are making use of recycled PET plastic for fresh meat packaging. For instance, in July 2019, Winpak - a leading Canadian manufacturer and distributor of packaging materials, announced the launch of flexible packaging for meatballs that helps save on an average of 30 tons of plastic per annum.

fresh meat packaging market segmentation

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Analysts of the fresh meat packaging market study have a positive outlook for the growth of the market for the forecast period of 2019-2027. The fresh meat packaging market is anticipated to grow at a CAGR of 4.5%, and the market is likely to reach a valuation of ~US$ 3 billion by the end of 2027. Flow wraps with MAP and vacuum skin packaging technology are becoming a common practice amongst stakeholders, which have proved to significantly reduce food and product wastage. Active packaging is becoming the new buzzword for efficient seafood product packaging. The new concept of intelligent packaging solutions serves as packaging systems that monitor the condition of packaged food, and provides information about the quality of the food during transportation and storage.

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest market report on the fresh meat packaging market for the historical period 2014-2018 and forecast period 2019-2027, dimensional consistency and stability in the product design of fresh meat packaging are anticipated to drive market growth.
  • Globally, revenue generated by the fresh meat packaging market is estimated to be ~US$ 2.1 Bn in 2019, and is projected to expand at a CAGR of 4.5% in terms of value during the forecast period. 

Increased Focus on Convenient and Eco-friendly Packaging Formats in Fresh Meat Packaging

  • The use of portion-size packages of meat products provide consumer convenience, to use the required amount of meat and reduce the wastage of meat products. These types of small-sized portion packs are convenient fresh meat packaging formats for single households, which have increased in most developing economies across the globe.
  • The use of synthetic biodegradable resins for the production of meat packaging films can offer lucrative growth opportunities for fresh meat packaging players. Materials such as polyactic acid (PLA), polyhydroxyalkanoates (PHA), and cellulose- or starch-based materials can offer new functionalities such as compostability and biodegradability.

Fresh Meat Packaging Market Volume to Expand 1.5X During Forecast Period

  • The global fresh meat packaging market is anticipated to register steady growth over the period of forecast, due to innovation in meat packaging techniques such as Modified Atmosphere Pressure (MAP), Vacuum Skin Packaging (VSP), etc., in recent years.

Fresh Meat Packaging Market - Key Research Findings

  • The global fresh meat packaging market is primarily dominated by manufacturers based in North America and the APEJ region in terms of market share. MEA and APEJ are anticipated to experience healthy CAGRs of ~5% during the period of 2019-2027. India and China are prominent markets in the APEJ region.
  • Fresh meat packaging manufacturing companies are focusing on improving packaging techniques to prevent undesirable changes to the flavor, texture, odor, and appearance of meat packaged. Consumer convenience through the introduction of portion size and case-ready packages are the key aspects provided by fresh meat packaging.
  • In recent years, manufacturers have been focusing on innovation in fresh meat packaging solutions that can increase the shelf life of packaged meat. For instance, some modified atmosphere packaging techniques in fresh meat packaging increase the shelf life of meat by 400%.

Upsurge in Sales of Case-ready Meat Products

  • Consumers tend to purchase meat products according to their needs, instead of purchasing them in bulk. There has been growing demand for individually-packaged portions of meat across the globe, driven by changes in lifestyles. As per the 2018 Power of Meat Study, 25% consumers believe that, case-ready meats are better than meat cut and packaged in stores, as compared to 9% consumers in 2008. These factors have led the packaging manufacturers expanding their production facilities related to fresh meat packaging.

Technological Advancements in Fresh Meat Packaging Techniques for Shelf Life Extension

  • High pressure processing (HPP) is a non-thermal post-processing technique of cold pasteurization, in which, sealed fresh meat products can be packed. This technique is primarily used for the shelf life extension of fresh meat packaging.

Global Fresh Meat Packaging Market - Competition Landscape

A detailed profile of the key players operating in the fresh meat packaging market are incorporated in the report to assess their key product offerings, recent developments, financials, and strategies. Some of the key players operating in the global fresh meat packaging market are as follows:

  • Amcor plc.
  • Berry Global Inc.
  • Winpak Ltd.
  • Sealed Air Corp.
  • Coveris Holdings S.A.
  • Bolloré Group
  • Mondi Group
  • Tetra Pak International S.A.
  • Cascades Inc.
  • Smurfit Kappa Group plc
  • Amerplast Ltd.
  • Faerch Plast A/S

Global Fresh Meat Packaging Market - Key Developments

Manufacturers in the global fresh meat packaging market are mainly concentrating on product launches and collaborations of their production facilities of fresh meat packaging. In recent years, it is also being perceived that, key participants in the fresh meat packaging market are focused on producing packaging that can extend the shelf life of meat products and improve food safety and quality. Rising concerns regarding the protection of the natural environment by cutting the quantity of material also lowers the amount of wastage produced.

  • In July 2019, Faerch launched the next generation of MAPET® II packaging products for the protein sector, made exclusively from recycled content with 100% recycled material, which are 100% recyclable and can be used in fresh meat packaging.
  • In March 2019, Amerplast launched AmerSafe® bags go green with excellent quality, high security features, convenience, and sustainability.
  • In October 2018, Coveris launched new recyclable film for CO-OP in the U.K.
  • In September 2018, Bolloré presented a range of ultrathin shrinkfilms, which included recyclable and/or biosourced barrier film solutions for flowpack and tray lidding and printed films at the All4Pack in Paris.

Fresh Meat Packaging Market: Scope of the Study

[225 Pages Report] Transparency Market Research (TMR) started a new study on the global fresh meat packaging market, providing forecast for the period of 2019-2027. In this study, the growth opportunity for the fresh meat packaging market is provided. The report provides valuable insights, which enable readers make winning business decisions for the future growth of their businesses. The report highlights significant factors that are constantly determining the growth of the fresh meat packaging market, untapped opportunities for manufacturers, trends and developments, and other insights across various key segments. Macroeconomic factors that are directly or indirectly affecting the growth of the fresh meat packaging market are also incorporated in the report.

Key Questions Answered

  • What will be the market size for fresh meat packaging by 2027?
  • Which packaging technology would be the most preferred for fresh meat? What is its projected market size in 2019?
  • Which material is the most preferred for fresh meat packaging?
  • Which region will remain the most lucrative for the growth of the fresh meat packaging market?
  • Who are the major customers for fresh meat packaging?

Key indicators associated with the fresh meat packaging market have been calculated thoroughly in the report. The study enumerates vital market dynamics, such as key drivers, challenges, and trends, along with opportunities in the global fresh meat packaging market. A comprehensive study on the supply chain, which includes raw material suppliers, packaging convertors, and end users, has been incorporated in the global fresh meat packaging market report. Other key aspects laid down in the report include pricing strategy of leading market players, and comparative analysis of raw materials. Furthermore, forecast factors and forecast scenario of the fresh meat packaging market have been covered in the report to understand the future prospects of the market.

A comprehensive evaluation and forecast on the fresh meat packaging market are provided on the basis of material, packaging technology, meat, and region.

Y-o-Y growth comparison, volume and revenue comparison, and market share comparison of various market segments are provided in the report. The fresh meat packaging market is analyzed at both, regional and country levels.

The fresh meat packaging market report delivers an exhaustive assessment on the structure of the fresh meat packaging market, in tandem with a dashboard view of all the leading company profiles in the report. Every company’s share analysis in the fresh meat packaging market has also been presented in the report, apart from the footprint matrix of the profiled market players. The report depicts the presence of fresh meat packaging manufacturers by leveraging an intensity map. The report also highlights the key end users for fresh meat packaging.

Key companies profiled in the fresh meat packaging market report include Amcor plc, Berry Global Inc., Winpak Ltd., Sealed Air Corp., Coveris Holdings S.A., Bolloré Group, Mondi Group, Tetra Pak International S.A., Cascades Inc., Smurfit Kappa Group plc, Amerplast Ltd., and R.Faerch Plast A/S.

Research Methodology

A realistic methodology, along with a holistic approach, makes the base for sharp insights, which are provided in the fresh meat packaging market for the study evaluation period. The TMR report comprises detailed information on the growth prospects of the fresh meat packaging industry, along with riveting insights into the forecast assessment of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary research has been employed to garner keen insights into the forecast study of the fresh meat packaging market. The report on the market has further gone through cross-validation by in-house professionals to make the fresh meat packaging market report one-of-its-kind, with the highest credibility.

Fresh Meat Packaging Market: Segmentation

The global fresh meat packaging market has been bifurcated on the basis of material, packaging technology, meat, and region. Each of these segments are analyzed to provide readers a holistic view of the industry.


  • PE
  • PP
  • BOPP
  • EVOH
  • PVC
  • PA
  • Others

Packaging Technology

  • Modified Atmosphere
  • Vacuum Skin
  • Vacuum Thermoformed
  • Others


  • Beef
  • Pork
  • Poultry
  • Seafood
  • Others


  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Western Europe
  • Eastern Europe
  • Asia Pacific excluding Japan (APEJ)
  • Japan
  • Middle East & Africa

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Fresh Meat Packaging Market

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