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Fluoropolymer Additives Market

Fluoropolymer Additives Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2028

Global Fluoropolymer Additives Market: Overview

The usage of fluoropolymer additives is no more limited to PTFE powder fillers but has notably extended to fluoropolymer elastomers. The evolution has garnered strength from rising application of these elastomers in plastic processing industries and thermoplastic manufacturing. Benefits of using fluoropolymer additives are diverse and several. Plastic processing industries use these additives to reduce sharkskin defects, minimizing die build up, reducing gels and optical defects, and speeding up processors’ yield. The fluoropolymer additives market has also seen potential opportunities from the rising demand for these powders in paints and coatings, inks, and lubricants. These end-use industries utilize an array of properties of fluoropolymer additives such as splendid weather-ability, markedly low coefficient of friction, and excellent chemical resistance. 

Global Fluoropolymer Additives Market: Notable Developments

The global fluoropolymer additives market is likely to see new potential from relentless industry efforts to utilize fluoropolymer in novel applications. Recent case in point is assessing the potential of these resins in additive manufacturing applications. To a great deal, the increased difficulty in processing of fluoropolymers can be attributed to their excellent chemical resistance, increased crystallinity and viscosity, and also to some extent due to piezoelectric properties. 

Research by universities in developed countries in 2018 and 2019 has tried to overcome these constraints and are trying to develop new polymers using better additives. The University of Nottingham has recently made several research toward 2018-end with aim to develop fluoropolymers that can be used for additive manufacturing. After relentless efforts, the research team tested the effectiveness an additive that can improve the fluidity of fluoropolymers. They are also assessing the potential of new additives that can modify particle size and viscosity of fluoropolymer additives. The search for new 3D printable materials will keep the fluoropolymer additives market lucrative. 

Key players in the global fluoropolymer additives are engaged in unveiling novel products to gain an edge over their competitors. Some of the companies vying for prominent positions in the market are Shamrock Technologies, Inc., Maflon SpA, Asahi Glass, Dakin Industries, Micro Powders, 3M, and Solvay. 

Global Fluoropolymer Additives Market: Important Evolution Dynamics 

One of the central factors creating lucrative product development avenues in the fluoropolymer additives market is the growing demand for high-end thermoplastics in numerous end-use industries. Some of the key end-use industries are electronics and semiconductor, automotive, transport, and construction. A case in point is the application of fluoropolymer additives in manufacturing light weight thermoplastics that find lucrative demand in automotive applications. Another case in point is impact-resistant cold-weather plastics that find use in extremely low-temperature applications. 

Another application which might be precursor to sizable revenues is in printing inks. Further, the growing demand for resins with high-performance characteristics in the plastics manufacturing industries has been underpinning lucrative prospects. Additives are used to modify the properties of resins, thereby spurring its use in toughening and promoting adhesion. In this regard, perfluoroalkoxy (PFA) fluoropolymer additives have grown in popularity in recent years. Novel product developments are likely to be driven by massive research pertaining to formulating new resins. 

Global Fluoropolymer Additives Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, developing and developed regions particularly Asia Pacific, North America, and Europe hold vast prospects in the fluoropolymer additives market. Rapid strides made by the automotive industry in Europe and the U.S. has spurred the demand for high-performance thermoplastics, thereby fortifying the uptake of various fluoropolymer additives. Moreover, advances made in plastic processing technologies are opening new streams of revenue for resin manufacturers. Meanwhile, Asia Pacific has been offering sizable revenue streams on the back of staggering demand from paints and coatings industry. Extensive demand for fluoropolymer additives in infrastructural coatings is also helping the regional market garner attractive demand.


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