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Flexographic Printing Plates Market

Flexographic Printing Plates Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2019 - 2028

Flexographic Printing Plates Market: Overview

Printing plates are popularly used in the print packaging industry for use in printing on paper and boards. A wide range of substrates have come to the fore that allow printing industries use variety of inks for printing on plastics and fiber. Flexographic printing plates have gained preference among end users for removing unwanted fluting during the printing of printing on corrugated boards. The growth in the flexographic printing plates market lies on the back of growing demand for corrugated packing by brands in various industries, world over. Over the years, focus to improve the performance of flexographic printing has increased, bolstering technological advancements in flexographic printing plates market. Extensive demand for printing presses in industries has helped the market to evolve. However, the recent COVID-19 pandemic has suppressed the use of flexographic printing plates, mostly on the back of sloth in manufacturing industries.

Over the years, the use of photopolymer to make flexographic printing plates has gained preference over rubber. Popularity of flat top dots technology in printing industry has continuously expanded the scope of the flexographic printing plates market.

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Flexographic Printing Plates Market: Competitive Landscape and Recent Developments

The report on the flexographic printing plates market looks the various dynamics of the competitive landscape and recent strategies by top players. The study also looks the recent developments that may change the future growth trajectories. It scrutinizes the trends that will impact the entry of new players and factors that will define the consolidation strategies of emerging players in key regions in the flexographic printing plates market.

The demand for flat top dot flexographic printing plates in the printing industry has risen over the years. In particular, the demand for these plates for printing on sustainable substrates in paper and paperboard application has gathered traction in the flexographic printing plates market. Eyeing a huge prospect, Flint Group Flexographic, a prominent supplier of flexographic printing plates solution has in May 2020 launched Nyloflex FTL Digital for corrugated printing applications. The company affirms that its solution will help end users bring down the use of less plate material, making the solution sustainable. Moreover, this flexographic printing plates with flat top dots will also keep the cost of consumable low. One marked advantage of this printing plate, asserts the company, is the option of using recycled fibers in the substrate.

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Flexographic Printing Plates Market: Growth Dynamics

With industries taking a massive hit in China, pigments for packaging printing inks have also taken a plunge southward. This has a massive road-blocking effect on the application of flexographic printing plates. Several players have also been facing impediment regarding supply disruptions for ensuring the availability of raw materials for printing plates to work. A lack of appetite for capital as well as consumer goods has also played a havoc in the expansion of the flexographic printing plates market. 

Growing consumer demand for sustainable packaging is one of the key trends that will support the evolution of the flexographic printing plates market. Advent of digital flexo plates opened a new revenue potential for companies. Furthermore, the drive toward using recyclable materials in printing presses, such as inks, also fuels the expansion of the market. Demand for versatile flexographic printing plates is expected to open new avenues for players in the flexographic printing plates market.  

Various types of inks used are aqueous, solvent based, UV cured, and cationic inks.

The study takes a closer look at the key drivers, restraints, and opportunities in the flexographic printing plates market. It highlights the trends that have caused disruption in the revenue generating potential of top players.

Flexographic Printing Plates Market: Regional Outlook

Several developing and developed economies have been at the center of development of prospects in the flexographic printing plates market. Most players are leaning on realigning strategies to combat the disruptions in supply chain caused by COVID-19 pandemic lockdowns imposed by numerous governments for a long time. Some prominent players are banking upon the popularity of eco-friendly printing substrates and cost-effective printing plates


Flexographic Printing Plates Market

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