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Fiber Laser Market

Fiber Laser Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Global Fiber Laser Market: Overview

Key types of laser products offered by manufacturers in the global fiber laser market include pulsed lasers, continuous wave lasers, and quasi continuous wave lasers. Major applications for the products and equipment in the global fiber laser market include welding, micro and fine processing, medical, cutting, high power applications, communications and other advanced applications, and marking, among others. By output power, the devices in the global fiber laser market can be divided into medium power, high power, and low power.

The professional research report thoroughly inspects the landscape of the global fiber laser market. It delves into carefully collected data through various reputed and trustworthy sources to offer crucial information pertaining to the future of the global fiber laser market over the forecast years. Furthermore, the meticulous analysis of exhaustive primary and secondary data sets, collected through various sources, such as newspapers, reports, research journals, and interviews can provide executives with clear understanding regarding various impactful trends and developments surrounding the market. The study also throws light on various factors that may emerge as drivers or barriers to the expansion of the global fiber laser market over the forecast period of 2021 to 2031.

Global Fiber Laser Market: Major Trends and Drivers

Growth in the instances of product innovation, as well as rising vertical integration are two of the key drivers for the global fiber laser market. Apart from this, one of the strongest drivers for the global fiber laser market is the constantly growing demand for high-tech consumer electronic devices and products. Some other leading drivers include technological advancements in the field of laser manufacturing, increasing efforts by industry players and manufacturers to reduce cost of production so that the products can be made available to customers at a lower rate, and rising demand for miniaturization of electronic devices and integrated circuits. Moreover, growing application of fiber laser products in marking plates, machining tools, circuits, and engine parts is also aiding in the expansion of the global fiber laser market.

Global Fiber Laser Market: Key Players and Manufacturers

The research report examines the commercial landscape of the global fiber laser market with utmost care. It offers detailed information pertaining to various international, regional, and local players functional in the market. It also sheds light on various financial, as well as operational aspects of topmost players in the global fiber laser market. The report also delivers critical information regarding their profit margins, sales, revenue, financial standing, and production capabilities. Some of the incumbent players operational in the landscape of the global fiber laser market are TRUMPF GmbH+ Co. KG, Coherent Inc., Wuhan Raycus Fiber Laser Technologies Co. Ltd., Fanuc Corporation, Keopsys S.A., NLIGHT, Inc., IPG Photonics Corporation, Maxphotonics Co., Ltd., Newport Corporation, Lumentum Operations LLC, Furukawa Electric Co. Ltd., and Fujikara Ltd., among others.

Players in the global fiber laser market are engaged in various corporate growth strategies in a bid to gain a larger share than their competitors in this highly consolidated market. Some of these strategies include new product launches, and research and development. For example, a new fiber laser solution called Lightfoot was launched by the Videojet Technologies in March of 2021. Furthermore, a new type of large format tool for fiber laser operated cutting called Taurus was launched by LVD in November of 2020.

Global Fiber Laser Market: Regional Assessment

North America and Europe regions are most likely to register a significant growth rate in the global fiber laser market in coming years. Growth of the North America market can be attributed to increasing trends of industrialization, as well as rising demands from the regional automotive industry. On the other hand, growth in the Europe fiber laser market is driven by the growth in the export of fiber laser equipment from regional economies such as Germany, as well as the United Kingdom.


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