Ferrous Fumarate Market

Ferrous Fumarate Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Global Ferrous Fumarate Market: Brief Account 

Another name for iron (II) fumarate, ferrous fumarate is an iron supplement or medication that is commonly sold under brand names such as Hemocyte, Ferro-Sequels, and Ferretts Iron. Apart from providing the required amount of iron to the body, ferrous fumarate could be prescribed for treating conditions other than anemia. The European pharmacopoeia (Ph. Eur.) and U.S. Pharmacopeia Convention (USP) regulate the manufacturing process of ferrous fumarate while the European Medicines Agency (EMA) and Food and Drug Administration (FDA) regulate its application in pharmaceutical products. 

The world ferrous fumarate market could be analyzed taking into consideration key factors such as application, end use, and product differentiation. It is important for participants to closely examine the critical segments of the world ferrous fumarate market in order to progress successfully. 

Interested parties are expected to have access to an in-depth analysis of the world ferrous fumarate market that exposes some of its vital portions deemed important to study with a view to sustain their position in the industry. 

Global Ferrous Fumarate Market: Trends and Opportunities 

The international ferrous fumarate market is expected to take lead from the extensively expanding and speedily growing pharmaceutical industry. Holding a valuation of more than US$900.0 bn, the world pharmaceutical market is one of the substantial end users of ferrous fumarate. The international ferrous fumarate market could gain a strong impetus due to the application of the compound as an iron supplement to meet the iron demand of all organisms. The pharmaceutical sector engages ferrous fumarate frequently because of the odorless, tasteless, and non-toxic nature of the compound and its high iron content. Moreover, the marketed line of ferrous fumarate exhibits the absence of cell culture-derived and animal additives and products. 

The international ferrous fumarate market could also be benefited by the need to prescribe the compound during pregnancy and to deal with anemia. Although ferrous sulfate, ferrous gluconate, and ferrous fumarate come under the same classification of oral iron supplements, the latter is more commonly used as it does not support severe potential side effects. Moreover, baby foods incorporate the usage of ferrous fumarate additives during their preparation as recommended by food scientists. 

Global Ferrous Fumarate Market: Geographical Analysis 

Accounting for a gigantic share in the North America ferrous fumarate market, the U.S. could be a cream geographic for the sale of the product. With behemoths such as Johnson & Johnson and Pfizer taking precedence in North America as global drug manufacturers, the regional ferrous fumarate market is predicted to outclass by attracting an impressive demand. Besides this, the well-settled pharmaceutical sector could support the growth of the ferrous fumarate market in North America. 

Asia Pacific is envisaged to take a faster path of growth in the world ferrous fumarate market, owing to the flourishing pharmaceutical industry therein and developing nations such as China and India as larger consumers. India, in particular, could rake in a handsome revenue for the Asia Pacific ferrous fumarate market by exporting the product at a significant rate. 

Europe could make a mark in the world ferrous fumarate market on the back of Italy, Germany, and Belgium as top pharmaceutical product manufacturing countries. The demand is prognosticated to stay on the slower side in the rest of the world ferrous fumarate market because of the unavailability of pharmaceutical product manufactures. However, Russia could raise the hopes of vendors while riding on the advancement of the pharmaceutical manufacturing sector. 

Global Ferrous Fumarate Market: Companies Mentioned 

The report presented herewith offers a broad analysis of the future as well as current competitive landscape of the worldwide ferrous fumarate market. Some of the leading players operating in the worldwide ferrous fumarate market are Lonye Technology Limited, Allied Biochem Pvt. Ltd., Galenica Group, Ironwood Pharmaceuticals, and Vifom Pharma.  


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