EVA Foam Market: Overview

The versatility of EVA foams has already been appreciated by diverse end-use industries. The ethylene-vinyl acetate copolymer has been utilized for its salient properties, in such a large extent that EVA foams are emerging as attractive alternatives to several composites. Different industries harness different combination of properties. For instance, medical industries benefit from the properties such as chemically inertness and biocompatibility. The softness and remarkable flexibility characteristic of the molecular makeup in the EVA foams have led to become a potential alternative for rubber materials. Some of the other industries where EVA foams are seeing myriad uses are automotive, marine, building, electronics, packaging, sports, leisure, recreation, and healthcare. One of the promising application avenues is its use in midsoles of running and athletic shoes. The functionality and recyclability of this has attracted prominent brands such as Nike.

The study presents a detailed assessment of the macro- and micro-environments governing the competitive dynamics. The research offers evidence-supported insights into the investment trends on research and developments and the untapped avenues in various end-use industry segments.

EVA Foam Market: Key Trends

The expanding array of applications is a key driver for opportunity in the EVA foams market. One of the emerging application area is in packaging. The attractive machinability of EVA foams is a key trend fueling the prospective use of EVA foams in the end-use industry. Advances in synthesis technology is a key accelerator of innovations in the EVA foams market. Over the past few years, new applications have emerged on the back of this.

Shipping and marine industries around the world seek to utilize moisture resistance and remarkable buoyancy, spurring their prospects. The cushioning property of EVA foams is being utilized in automotive and construction industries. Strides in foaming technology over the decades have spurred the growth momentum in the EVA foams market. The medical industry is emerging as one of the potential revenue generators for players in the market. Rise in use of EVA foams is orthopedics is a key trend boosting the demand. A case in point is the promising potential of EVA foams in orthopedics.

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EVA Foam Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

Industry players including raw materials suppliers are leaning on fabricating environmentally friendly materials using EVA foams and other composites. A popular example is Nike, who has using EVA foams in midsole foams. Footwear manufacturing industries are finding vast potential of EVA foams in footwear midsole manufacturing in countries such as Vietnam, China, and India. Suppliers are keen on offering the foam in variety of shapes.

However, a glaring challenge exists that impede the production appetitive of end users in the EVA foam market. During the manufacturing of EVA products, a significant amount of non-recyclable EVA waste is produced. This has also associated with health hazards, concerning manufacturers, producers, and end users as well. While one possible direction to overcome this is using the waste in some industry production process; a case in point is a growing body of research on using EVA waste in Portland cement.

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EVA Foam Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, Europe has generated vast revenue shares year-over-year. A large chunk of revenues has come from the utilization of EVA foams in the automotive industry. Some of the emerging markets are Asia Pacific and the Middle East and Africa. Strides made in construction industry has spurred the revenue prospects of manufacturers and industry players in the regions.

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