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Ethoxydiglycol Market

Ethoxydiglycol Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Global Ethoxydiglycol Market: Overview

Ethoxydiglycol, also known as diethylene glycol monethyl ether, is a cosmetic grade solvent. It is soluble in water and oil. Ethoxydiglycol is primarily used to dissolve ingredients to decrease viscosity. This solvent is widely used for skin care product preparations where it acts as an excellent solvent and carrier. Ethoxydiglycol is an extensively used solvent or co-solvent, which can be used in hydrophilic or lipophilic phases due to its solubility in ethanol, propylene glycol, vegetable oils, water, and butylene glycol. It finds application in hair and skin care products, eye and facial makeup, fragrances, personal cleanliness products, and shaving products. Ethoxydiglycol ensures even distribution of ingredients in the product to help it provide better effect. A solubilizer such as ethoxydiglycol is used to keep the product formulation well mixed.

The ethoxydiglycol market is anticipated to expand at a considerable pace due to high growth rate of the cosmetics industry. Increase in awareness among consumers about personal hygiene and increase in per capita spending on personal care products are anticipated to boost demand for ethoxydiglycol during the forecast period. Rise in concern regarding chemicals used in the personal care industry is likely to hamper the ethoxydiglycol market.

Global Ethoxydiglycol Market: Drivers & Restrains

Based on the application, the ethoxydiglycol market is segmented into hair care, skin care, personal care, and pharmaceuticals. The skin care segment is further classified into facial makeup, shaving, and others. Skin care and personal care segments dominate the ethoxydiglycol market.

In terms of end-use industry, the ethoxydiglycol market is classified into health care, cosmetics, chemicals, and others. The cosmetic segment holds significant share of the ethoxydiglycol market. This segment is anticipated to expand at high growth rate during the forecast period.

Global Ethoxydiglycol Market: Regional Outlook

In terms of geography, the ethoxydiglycol market is divided into North America, Latin America, Europe, Asia Pacific, and Middle East & Africa (MEA). In terms of volume, Asia Pacific is a key region for the ethoxydiglycol market. The ethoxydiglycol market in the region is expanding at a rapid pace. North America and Europe hold significant share of the ethoxydiglycol market. The  ethoxydiglycol market in Latin America and MEA is anticipated to expand at a significant pace during the forecast period.

Global Ethoxydiglycol Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the ethoxydiglycol market include Croda International, Eastman Chemical Company, Solabia Group, Gattefossé, Grant Industries, Azelis UK Life Sciences, and Alzo International & Lonza Group. 

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