Electric Lawn Mower Market

Electric Lawn Mower Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Trends, Growth, and Forecasts, 2021-2031

Electric Lawn Mower Market – Overview

The electric lawn mower market is expected to rise at a healthy growth rate in the forthcoming years. The trend of spending on the outside of residential and commercial spaces in developing countries for aesthetics creates opportunities in the electric lawn mower market. The growing popularity of domestic and commercial lawns ultimately may propel the growth of the electric lawn mower market during the assessment period of 2021-2031.

The electric lawn mower is used to trim the grass evenly and is battery operated or runs on a continuous electric supply. In addition, it offers multiple benefits such as portability, easy start, and reduced noise. These features may boost the growth of the electric lawn mower market.


Electric Lawn Mower Market – Competitive Landscape

The main focus of the players is on developing cost-effective and efficient technologies to increase the customer base. The key players strive to develop superior quality electric lawn mower equipment with added the features such as garden mapping, smart navigation, and laser vision to grab customer attention. Technological advances such as robotic mowers are likely to open new growth avenues for the electric lawn mower market. Strategic planning to expand market presence across the globe is a key criterion of growth among large players in the electric lawn mower market.

The key players are collaborating with local contractors, architects, and retail stores to expand their outreach and stay competitive by increasing the customer base in the electric lawn mower market. Collaborations and partnerships also play a crucial role in extending the market reach.

Electric Lawn Mower Market – Trends and Opportunities

Since the outbreak of COVID-19 and stay-at-home orders, the major chunk of the population is spending on the enhancement of outdoor ambiance. The inclination towards gardening and preference for easy-to-use and automatic gardening tools to maintain it has driven the electric lawn mower market. The demand for natural plants and lawns has escalated tremendously. The need for landscapers for garden maintenance has spurred the growth of the electric lawn mower market

The availability of small tools such as unpowered push mowers for small spaces and electrical or engine-powered mowers in larger spaces spurs growth in the electric lawn mower market. Furthermore, novel technologies such as robotic mowers have transformed the garden equipment industry. The growing disposable incomes in developing economies are leading consumers to spend lavish amounts on gardening and maintenance equipment. The major chunk of the population in the developing countries with high spending capacity may be a prominent customer base for all types of gardening tools, including electric lawn mower products.


Electric Lawn Mower Market – Regional Landscape

North America is at the forefront among other key regions in the electric lawn mower market. The presence of major market players in the U.S. is likely to create growth opportunities for the electric lawn mower market of the region. Availability of professional landscaping, vegetable gardens, and outdoor aesthetics are some other aspects that create the demand for an electric lawn mower in the U.S. Furthermore, the availability of user-friendly and cost-effective garden maintenance tools such as electric lawn mower attracts consumers to invest in the electric lawn mower. Additionally, the rising trend for backyard renovation and the need for garden maintenance may augur the demand for robotic tools in the electric lawn mower market.

Asia Pacific contributes substantially to the electric lawn mower market. Economic growth that has led to hefty spending for a comfortable living creates demand for electric lawn mowers and related products. Rapid urbanization has resulted in the rise of construction activities which ultimately lead to the need for landscaping and gardening. The electric lawn mower market in Asia Pacific is driven by the above mentioned factors.


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