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E-House Market

E-House Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Trends, Growth, and Forecast 2020 - 2030

Global E-House Market: Overview

The global E-house market is charting high growth and new grounds as its demand increases across the world, owing to various factors, as per Transparency Market Research. Over the period of 2020 to 2030 – the assessment period of TMRs upcoming report on the market – study yet moderate rate will be recorded in the landscape. This will build a strong foundation for growth of players.  Need for better power supply, growing focus on maintenance, increase in exploration and extraction of oil and natural gas are some of the prominent factors, driving growth in the global E-house market over this period.

Global E-House Market: Competitive Landscape

The many players marking the vendor landscape of global E-house market are engaging in a number of strategies that promise growth. Organic and inorganic measures are therefore being noted in the market – as players try to gain competitive edge. These are set to create notable developments in the market.

Few top-tier players occupying the market landscape are:

  • Electroinnova (Spain)
  • WEG (Brazil)
  • TGOOD (Hong Kong)
  • Powell Industries (US)
  • Elgin Power Solutions (US)
  • Meidensha (Japan)
  • Matelec Group (Lebanon)
  • Aktif Group (Turkey)
  • PME Power Solutions (India)
  • EKOS Group (Turkey)
  • Efacec (Portugal)
  • Delta Star (US)
  • Siemens (Germany)
  • ABB (Switzerland)
  • Schneider Electric (France)
  • Eaton (Ireland)
  • General Electric (US)
  • CG Power (India)
  • Meidensha (Japan)

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Global E-House Market: Key Trends and Drivers                                 

  • Used in both industrial applications and utilities, e-houses are set to witness higher demand, owing to increasing global need for planning maintenance, improving transmission capacity and bettering disaster response.  Their positive and proven outcomes enable growth further. It is pertinent to note here that these are also used in providing a power supply, when needed temporarily – that is in times of unplanned repair, and even help during extended electric outages, for instance.
  • Infrastructural development in a number of countries, coupled with growing need for utilities is helping the global e-house market grow substantially. Additionally, exploration and extraction of oil and gas is also contributing notably to this growth. New hotbeds have been recently found in regions of Latin America, Africa, and the Mediterranean. Results of exploration in the regions, as well as those of extraction have been promising and this is propelling the global e-house market on an upward growth trajectory, promising a positive outlook over the forecast period that is mentioned above

Global E-House Market: Regional Analysis

The landscape of global E-house market is set to witness Middle East and Africa holding a key place in the regional growth charts over the forecast period. It is quite pertinent to note here that the region held a sizeable share of global e-house market over the last few years. And, the size of share is followed by the Americas.

Oil and gas exploration and extraction in the African region is contributing to growth. Additionally, the region is witnessing an increase in demand from utilities is paving for higher trajectory. It is also quite pertinent to note here that recovery form civil war of countries such as Iraq in the Middle East is set to provide a host of gainful opportunities to players. There have been efforts directed towards improvement in providing power and other basic amenities to citizens here.

On the other in the Americas, mining and metals industry is set to fuel growth over the forecast period. Some well-known and well received players from the global landscape are found in the region. Few such names are Atlas electric, General Electric, ELGIN PowerSolutions, Delta Star, and Powell Industries.

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E-House Market

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