Global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) Market – Overview

Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) is also known by alternate names such as N-Ethyl-N-Hydroxy-Ethanamine. It is manufactured by reacting triethylamine and a peroxide which is then followed by purification and distillation. It is majorly used as oxygen scavengers for medium and high pressure boilers. It removes dissolved oxygen thus preventing corrosion. In case of ferrous metals DEHA forms a protective film, apart from being widely used in the water treatment industry, diethylhydroxylamine is also being used as a short stopper in the rubber and other polymer processing industry. Other relatively smaller applications of diethylhydroxylamine includes removal of residue such as photoresist and other residue from the microelectronic parts. In the inks and photographic industry, diethylhydroxylamine is a color stabilizer.

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Global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) Market – Competitive Landscape

Some of market participants identified across the value chain of Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market are Arkema Group, Eastman Chemical Company, Chevron Phillips Chemical Company, Huainan Dejun Fine Chemical Co., Ltd., Juancheng Baolilai Chemical, Chuzhou Runda Solvents Co., Ltd., Alkyl Amines Chemicals Ltd (AACL), Shanghai Sunwise Chemical, and DJCHEM Chemicals Poland among others

Global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) Market – Drivers and Restraints

There are several factors that are helping to push the growth of the global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market. One of the biggest growth factors for the market has been the increasing demand for water conservation and treatment. Several governments and regulatory bodies have issued strict regulations and guidelines for industrial, municipal, and other waste water treatment. Hence, the demand for the Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) is expected to continue to rise in the coming years of the forecast period.

Increasing use of rubbers and other types of polymers to replace metals and other materials across a broad range of applications is also expected to fuel the overall development of the global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market in the coming years of the forecast period.

Diethylhydroxylamine is a better alternative as compared to conventionally used oxygen scavengers. They are the metal passivating chemicals that protect the metal from corrosion. It has higher efficiency as compared to other oxygen scavengers such as sulfite, hydrazine and, erythorbate. DEHA has higher reactivity with oxygen as compared to other scavengers.

However, there are some factors that are impeding the growth of the global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market. One of the key restraining the high cost associated with the use of the chemical. In developing countries like India, hydrazine continues to be the most widely used oxygen scavenger for medium and high pressure boilers.

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Global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) Market – Geographical Outlook

Based on the geographical segmentation, the global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market is segmented into five key regions. These regions are North America, Latin America, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific, and Europe. Of these, currently, the global Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) market is dominated by the regional segment of Asia Pacific. The growth of the regional segment is mainly attributed to the growing demand from China, which accounts for nearly half of the overall demand. Asia Pacific market is growing because of the major photographic chemical industry. Moreover, demand from several rubber processing and water treatment chemicals is also driving the market growth in Asia Pacific. India and Southeast Asia are also projected to experience a relatively higher rate of growth in the coming years of the forecast period.

On the other hand, the regional segments of Europe and North America are expected to create considerable demand for Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) because of the strict regulations for corrosion prevention and water treatment in boilers. Latin America and Middle East and Africa regions are expected to witness a sluggish demand.

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Diethylhydroxylamine (DEHA) Market