Dehydrating Breather Market: Overview

Dehydrating breathers are used to prevent the moisture in the air from coming in contact with oil in electrical equipment/tanks. They are usually used in transformers in the oil compartment of a load tap changer or on the air side of a power transformer conservator.

A dehydrating breather consists of silica gel, which has the ability to scrub the moisture from the air when it passes through the breather. Typically, breathers are designed for sealed tank transformers and can breathe only at preset pressure levels. Dehydrating breathers are filled with silica gel (mainly silicage1), which can absorb moisture generated during the operation of transformers. The breathers are also provided with an oil trap. The trap prevents continuous contact between the moist air and silicage1, extending its life and leading to lower maintenance. The rating of dehydrating breather is based on the amount of oil that the breather can protect. The smallest breather and the largest breather can protect an oil volume of 280 gallons and 9,500 gallons, respectively.  Multiple breathers can be applied to the same tank or conservator to protect large volumes. 

Dehydrating Breather Market: Trends & Demands

The demand for dehydrating breather is driven by the demand for transformers. Rise in investments in gas-insulated and air-insulated substations is expected to propel demand for transformers. This is expected to benefit the suppliers involved in dehydrating breather business. Year-on-year increase in sales of heavy-duty vehicles is expected to fuel the demand for dehydrating breather market during the forecast period. Dehydrating breather provide real-time moisture measurement. Reduction of energy consumption is expected to consequently drive demand for the product. Rise in demand and government support for efficient and power saving systems is expected to boost demand for dehydrating breather market in the next few years.

Dehydrating Breather Market: Key Segments

The global dehydrating breather market can be segmented based on type, application, and region. In terms of type, the global dehydrating breather market can be divided into conventional breather and self-dehydrating breather. Conventional breather is a traditional method preferred by most of the companies to remove moisture from oil and lubricants. In a self-dehydrating breather, two independent silica gel tanks works alternatively. It requires continuous monitoring of silica gel saturation. Also, the automatic silica gel regeneration process drastically reduces maintenance expenses. In terms of application, the global dehydrating breather market can be divided into utilities, industrial, automotive, and others

Dehydrating Breather Market: Regional Outlook

Based on region, Asia Pacific holds a major share of the global dehydrating breather market. The global dehydrating breather market in the region is expected to expand rapidly due to upgrades in existing distribution infrastructure to meet demand for electricity. Countries such as China and India has been active in terms of investments in substation infrastructure, utilities, and electricity grid. The U.S. is also a key user of transformers in air/gas insulated substations. Middle East & Africa and Latin America are likely to be the major importers of dehydrating breather. Rise in demand for electricity without any breakdown or failure is expected to propel the demand for dehydrating breather in these regions. Rise in investments in renewable power-based grid integration in countries such as the U.S., China, the U.K., and Germany is expected to enhance the order intake of dehydrating breather in these countries.

Dehydrating Breather Market: Key Players

Key players operating in the global dehydrating breather market include Maier GmbH, HAMP, ABB, Maschinenfabrik Reinhausen GmbH (MR), and BTRAC Ltd.

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