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Curved Television Market

Curved Television Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Global Curved Television Market: Overview

The global curved television market is slated to grow at a sound pace in the years to follow. Advancements in the electronics industry have been a resilient trend for several decades. The constant technological leaps made by this industry have opened new opportunities within the global curved TV market. Analysts and medical experts have given mixed views on the utility of curved TV as against flat screen television sets. However, there has been little agreement on a single type of television set that matches the requirements or favourability to human vision. Therefore, the effect of expert opinions on which TV sets are better for human vision is, ipso facto, null and void. It is safe to expect that the growth of the global curved television market would largely rely on the speed of electronic manufacturing.

A syndicate review on the global curved television market uncovers a wide range of factors pertaining to market growth. The global curved television market can be segmented on the basis of end-use sector, technology, and region. The demand for curved television in the residential sector has traced an ascending graph over the past few years. However, extensive promotion strategies deployed in favour of LCD and LED flat screen television sets could pose a threat to market growth. The appearance of curved televisions has also become a matter of discussion and debate in the electronics industry.

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Global Curved Television Market: Notable Developments

Key developments in the global curved television market speak volumes about the propensities and inclinations of the end-users. Some of the notable market development are elucidated herein.

  • Samsung has been at the forefront of offering economic deals to consumers of television sets, and other electronics devices. Ongoing sales for black Friday and cyber Monday at Samsung have ushered an era of growth within the global curved television market. Furthermore, the company has swiftly adjusted according to the requirements of the masses.
  • Sale of TV sets across e-commerce channels is a nascent trend that is slated to gather momentum in the years to follow. As e-commerce companies invest in developing safe and resilient supply channels, vendors in the curved television market would be more confident in trusting these entities. This trend shall boil down to the inflow of voluminous revenues in the curved television market.

Global Curved Television Market: Growth Drivers

  • Demand for Augmented Experiences

    Curved TVs are believed to offer more ‘realistic’ experiences to viewers, making them more immersive in nature. This is an important consideration for buyers looking to develop home theatres in their residential space. Furthermore, curved television enters the peripheral vision more distinctly as against flat TVs. This assertion has been trending across marketing campaigns meant to popularise curved televisions. Therefore, the growth of the global curved television market has become a function of new ideas and promotional lines floating in the market.

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  • Growing Relevance of 3D Technology

    Despite being a 2D technology product, curved television offers an experience that nears viewing a 3D screen. Several viewers have commended the virtual 3D effect created by curved televisions. Therefore, the acceptance of these television sets across the mainstream has given a thrust to market growth. Wider field of view offered by curved televisions is another key point of distinction for the latter. The depth offered by curved television cannot be replicated by flat-screen television sets. Therefore, the total volume of revenues in the curved television market is set to outdo the revenues index of the flat TV market.

Curved Television Market

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