Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market - Global Industry Analysis, Market Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2016 - 2024

Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market

Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps to convey content at high paces and subsequently are generally useful to sites seeing substantial traffic and those that can be gotten to worldwide. Essential usefulness of CDN incorporates diverting solicitations and conveying on the web content, reevaluating content and dissemination of administrations, arranging content, and overseeing administrations. Associations influence CDNs to give fast static or dynamic content, versatile content, web based business exchanges, recordings, games, and so forth CDN discovers application in a range of businesses like publicizing, government, media and diversion, gaming, instructive and medical care, versatile administrators, online music retailers, shopper hardware, and web access suppliers, among others.

The rising number of web clients worldwide is further propelling the development of online content utilization, ultimately boosting this market. Video utilization over cell phones has spiked incomprehensible, thereby driving the worldwide CDN market. Various institutions are acquire from it, as it assists them with contacting a wide base of forthcoming and existing shoppers through web-based media with drawing in content, in a practical way. Additionally, the link network administrators revealing CDN drives by collaborating with content proprietors, has stirred up the prosperity rate of video utilization, thereby boding well this market in the long run.

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market: Overview 

Content Delivery Network (CDN) helps in delivering content at high speeds and hence are most helpful to websites witnessing heavy traffic and those that can be accessed globally. Primary functionality of CDN includes redirecting requests and delivering online content, outsourcing content and distribution of services, negotiating content, and managing services. Organizations leverage CDNs to provide speedy static or dynamic content, mobile content, e-commerce transactions, videos, games, etc. CDN finds application in a gamut of industries such as advertising, government, media and entertainment, gaming, educational and healthcare, mobile operators, online music retailers, consumer electronics, and internet service providers, among others. 

Content delivery network essentially carries out two important functions. First, it caches the content at the edge of the network to lessen the traffic in the network. Second, it facilitates multiprotocol and multiservice streaming thereby enabling operators to adapt content from any IP device closest to the consumer. The global market for CDN has expanded by leaps and bounds and moving forward too it is predicted to clock stellar growth. Buying into the promise of strong growth, new players are constantly foraying into this space. This has upped competition significantly, putting a downward pressure on prices. There is still room, however, for growth in the CDN market vis-à-vis quality and scalability of dynamic content, mobile content delivery, and storage. 

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market: Trends and Opportunities 

The number of internet users worldwide stands at a staggering 3.5 billion at present. This has led to an unprecedented growth in online content consumption. Video consumption over mobile devices, for example, has spiked beyond measure. All these have filliped the global CDN market. Businesses, particularly stand to gain from it, as it helps them to reach out to a wide base of prospective and existing consumers via social media with engaging content, in a cost-effective manner. This coupled with cable network operators unveiling CDN initiatives by partnering with content owners, has stoked growth in the market phenomenally. 

The unique perceived benefit of CDNs is their improved performance and the ability to offload the traffic served directly from the content provider’s origin infrastructure, which can lead to cost savings for the content provider. Because of such advantages, over half the traffic these days is routed via CDNs and their usage is predicted to spike in the near future. With the soaring popularity of cloud-based computing, CDN operators are expected to experience unbelievable growth with respect to storage delivery systems. 

Global Content Delivery Network (CDN) Market: Regional Outlook 

Geography-wise, the global market for content delivery network (CDN) can be segmented into Asia Pacific, North America, Europe, and the Rest of the World. Among them, North America leads the market with maximum share. The burgeoning digitization trend among organizations and the rising demand for video content are factors boosting the uptake of CDN solutions in North America. Europe trails North America in the global CDN market. Asia Pacific, however, is forecasted to outpace all other regions in terms of growth due to the enhancements in technology in emerging economies of the region. 

Companies Mentioned in Report 

Prominent vendors in the CDN market that offer solutions to enhance content delivery service listed in the report are AT&T Inc, Akamai Technologies, Highwinds Network Group Inc, Ericsson, Limelight Networks, and Level 3 Communications. The report studies their revenues, strategies, and future prospects by leveraging both historical and current data. 


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