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Container Washing System Market

Container Washing System Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Container Washing System Market: Overview

Container washing systems are used for cleaning, sanitizing, and drying the containers of various sizes. It takes less time to clean interior and exterior of container in less time. Various industries use wide range of plastic and steel containers for purpose of storage and transportation. Container washing system help the industry players in maintaining integrity and cleanliness of these container.

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Container Washing System Market: Notable Developments

Lately, Quala, a food and beverage company, adopted FasTrax cleaning systems. The cleaning system was pre-fabricated in Rotterdam.

The FasTrax container washing systems are installed in different bays.  Different types of container washing systems are parked in every bay. These washing system are customized to clean different typed of containers.

The container washing system is operated using Siemens Simatic HMI. The panel has a set of digitally-powered touch-screen displays in bays and control room. It enables the user to access key information such as pressure, solution level, and other error messages. If any malfunction occurs in the system, the operator can handle it from the panel.

Further, these control panels in each bay enable the operator to track the progress in the entire process of washing. Some of the mandatory washing steps include- flushing of residual material, rinsing, high-pressure cleaning, and drying.

Once cleaning and rinsing process is over, blower unit is lowered to dry the containers.

Application of the washing system facilitates cleaning of chemical containers, which used to be a task using the traditional washing system.

Some of the prominent companies operating in container washing system market are-

  • Glatt GmbH
  • Rotajet Systems
  • SF Engineering
  • SRS Engineering Corporation
  • Dyetech Equipment Group Inc.
  • PRI PRI Systems

Container Washing System Market: Key Trends

Rising trend of renting containers and growing demand for reusable containers are crucial factors propelling the adoption rate of container washing system.

Container washing system enable washing and cleaning of containers of varying size and shapes such as drums, IBC, and others in less time. Also, these washing systems are semi-automatic and fully-automatic in nature. Hence, application of container washing system saves time as it human interference is reduced.

Besides, these washing systems offer various advantages such as control panel with touchscreen, soundproof cabinet, doors with tight seals, and allows easy movement.

Aforementioned factors are estimated to be prominent driving factors for a container washing system market in forthcoming years.

Lately, healthcare industry and food and beverage industry have been growing substantially. Subsequently, demand for container washing system is rising in these industries to wash and sanitize containers of varying sizes. The factors seems to present lucrative opportunity for market expansion.

However, high cost associated with an automatic container market may interfere with the growth rate of market. Other than that, the market is anticipated to scale at a promising CAGR in the tenure of forecast years.

Container Washing System Market: Regional Analysis

As per market analyst, South Asia and North America are likely to account for substantial share is the global container washing system market. The market growth in these regions is ascribed to presence of food and beverage industry and healthcare infrastructure.

Deployment of reusable containers in these industries are creating space for application of container washing system.

Moreover, in Europe, countries such as Spain, the U.K., Germany, and Italy are anticipated to contribute significantly to the global container washing system market growth.

Meanwhile, high production rate of oil and gas in Middle East Asia region is fuelling demand for high volume containers for storage purpose. This, in turn, is likely to fuel demand for container washing system in the region.


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