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Consumer Electronic Coatings Market

Consumer Electronic Coatings Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2017 - 2025

Global Consumer Electronics Coatings Market: Overview

Consumer electronics products such as laptops, mobile phones, televisions, computers, among numerous others are constantly exposed to irregular weather and climatic conditions. A large number of these devices are expected to work in all conditions as their nature is mobile. Cellphones, laptops, and tablets are leading amongst this category. Products in the global consumer electronics coatings market are used to safeguard these products from harmful or tense external conditions. Products in the global consumer electronics coatings market are increasingly being applied in various techniques for various devices. They are necessary to protect consumer electronic devices from water, rain, heat, and exposure to prolonged cold or harsh climatic conditions.

Certain products in the global consumer electronics coatings market are also used to protect screens or back panels of phones or tablets from scratches and rough handling. These products in the global consumer electronics coatings market  find lucrative applications in smart wearables or wearable devices industries as these devices are handled at all times by the users. Layers and specialized coatings provided by the vendors in the global consumer electronics coatings market help in keeping the quality, inner mechanisms, and aesthetic appeal of these consumer electronic products intact. Growing demand for anti-reactive coatings for applications in defense and military consumer electronic devices is anticipated to foster the thriving global consumer electronics coatings market in coming years.

Consumer electronics, also called home electronics, are electronic equipment intended for everyday use, typically in private homes. Consumer electronics include devices used for entertainment such as flatscreen TVs, DVD players, video games, and remote control cars; communication devices such as telephones, cell phones, and laptops; and home-office devices such as desktop computers, printers, and paper shredders. Consumer electronics coatings play an important role in protecting electronic components. Applications of consumer electronics coatings include printed circuit boards and assemblies, sensors, LEDs, MEMS, capacitors, wafers, digital displays, and metal components. Consumer electronics coatings are used to protect electronic components from dust, chemicals, and moisture and temperature extremes.

Due to the rapid expansion of the electronics industry, consumer electronics coatings are finding their way into the domestic and mobile electronics industries, providing the necessary combination of high performance and reliability within a vast array of electronic devices. Consumer electronics coatings can be used in a wide range of environments to protect printed circuit boards from moisture, salt spray, chemicals, and temperature extremes in order to prevent corrosion, mold growth, and electrical failures. Protection provided by consumer electronics coatings allows for higher power and closer track spacing, in turn enabling designers to meet the demands of miniaturization and reliability. Consumer electronics coatings play a critical role in reliability under harsh conditions of electronic components such as printed circuit boards (PCB's), hybrids, sensors and electronic assemblies. Application areas are in defence, aeronautic, marine and a variety of commercial, industrial and consumer applications. 

Consumer electronics coatings can be applied to electronics in different methods. These methods include brush coating, spray application coating, and dipping. Brush coating can be applied by flow coating the material onto the board. It is usually suitable for low volume application such as finishing, and repair. Brush coating is highly subjective and requires a skilled operator. Spray application coating can be applied with a spray aerosol or dedicated spray booth with spray gun. It is usually suitable for low and medium volume processing. Quality of spray application coating is superior compared to other coating methods and requires skilled operator. Consumer electronic coatings dipping is highly repeatable process. Wrong selection of Consumer electronic coatings can hamper the long term reliability of circuit boards and can cause difficulties with processing and costs.

Consumer electronics coatings form a protective, insulating layer. The coating should also exhibit high dielectric strength. The minimum required strength can be determined from intertrack separation and the potential difference between adjacent tracks.

Consumer electronics coatings finds its application in the electronics, aerospace, military, marine and space exploration industries. The automotive electronics application segment is expected to account for large share of the global consumer electronics coatings market during the forecast period. Electronics in automobiles are usually placed in areas where they are subjected to harsh working conditions, chemical, moisture, dust, and vibration. These factors form the need of the consumer electronic coatings so that a protective layer can be added on electronic components to protect them from harsh environment, thus increasing the reliability of the product.

Based on region, the consumer electronics coatings market can be divided into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Asia Pacific is the dominant region of the consumer electronics coatings market due to the expansion in the automotive sector, which includes aerospace and defense electronics.

Key manufacturers operating in the consumer electronics coatings market are 3M, Specialty Coatings Systems, and Dymax Corporation. 

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