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The compound feed industry plays a major part in food chain which provides sustainable and nutritious food. The major forces driving the compound feed market are increase in the use of animal derived products in direct human consumption due to growing population and rising disposable income in developing countries. 
The rise in demand of healthy and safe animal derived food as a result of increased consumer awareness has brought about the development in compound feed production and usage. The compound feed is produced for livestock to provide adequate amount of nutrients to them. It maximizes the performance of livestock. A few factors which drive the global compound feed market are enhanced performance of livestock and rise in meat consumption. The rise in disposable income is the main factor that is leading the increase in meat consumption. The technological developments in manufacturing process of compound feed improve the nutritional value and safety of compound feed.
Compound feed is processed food specifically manufactured for target animals. It facilitates the enhanced performance and productivity of animals. Compound feed also prevents deficiency diseases and improves immunity on addition of feed additives. Compound feed is a major part in food chain for providing sustainable and nutritious food. It is the single biggest cost in animal husbandry systems. 
Rising meat consumption is mainly driving the compound feed market which in turn is the result of growing human population. Animal derived products are increasingly becoming a major part of human food. Since the animal derived products are considered nutritious, their demand is increasing at a fast pace. The demand can be met by using compound feed in livestock production systems. The composition of compound feed is important as it influences the nutritional content of animal derived products which is used for direct human consumption. The compound feed industry is witnessing a change as modern methods are being increasingly used to produce more at less cost in the animal husbandry systems.  With the use of new technologies and advanced supply chain management strategies the compound feed industry is undergoing an exciting phase of growth. 
In compound feed market North America commands the largest share due to the higher production of grains and cereals as compared to the other regions. Moreover it uses more of advanced technologies in manufacturing compound feed. Asia Pacific Japan will gradually reach the status of North America as a result of high rate of meat consumption with the growing population. Swine feed has the largest share in compound feed industry closely followed by poultry feed. The rate of global pork consumption is highest among all the types of meat consumption. Poultry meat consumption is expected to outplace pork and beef consumption due to more inclination of consumers towards poultry meat as poultry meat is less expensive protein source.
Feed additives are the dietary supplementations in concentrated form which enhance the characteristics of feed such as improving the digestibility of feed ingredients. They are fed to animals along with the major feed ingredients to improve the growth rate and health of animals. The feed additives market is driven by growing demand of animal derived products. Consumers are becoming aware of the safe and nutritious food. Therefore feed additives are used in adequate amount in the compound feed to enhance the quality of animal derived products. 
Europe commands the largest market share in feed additives industry followed by North America. Feed Antibiotics accounts for the major market share as they are used as growth promoters in animals but feed acidifiers will replace it soon in the near future due to the ban on antibiotics usage in US and Europe though Asia Pacific Japan and Latin America will contribute to the demand for antibiotics. However feed amino acids are the fastest growing segment in the feed additives market.

Scope and overview

The objective of the study on \"Compound Feed Market & Compound Feed Additives Market\" is to gain detailed market insights for key feed segments. The market is analyzed on the basis of growth trends, ongoing developments, market penetration and revenue share.


Segmentation & Analysis

The report segments and analyzes the \"Compound Feed Market & Compound Feed Additives Market\" on the basis of following sub-categories:

Geographic Markets

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • APJ
  • MEA
This section provides in-depth analysis of “Compound Feed Market” that includes market size and growth forecast for each geography and segments.

By Segment

  • Cattle feed
  • Poultry feed
  • Swine feed
  • Aqua feed
  • Pet food
This section provides in-depth analysis of compound feed industry size and growth forecast for each segment and challenges prevailing in the overall market levels and future outlook for all the levels.
Feed additives
Feed additives are used in compound feed to improve the performance and production efficiency of animals. Feed additives enhance the characteristics of feed such as improving the digestibility of feed ingredients.The report segments and analyze the “Feed Additives” on the basis of following sub-categories:

Geographic Markets of feed additives

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • APJ
  • MEA
  • Segmentation of feed additives
  • Antibiotics
  • Vitamins
  • Antioxidants
  • Amino Acids
  • Enzymes
  • Feed Acidifiers
This section provides in-depth analysis of feed additives industry size and growth forecast for each segment.

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Compound Feed And Additives Market

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