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Chopper Pumps Market

Chopper Pumps Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020-2030

Chopper Pumps Market: Overview

The critical use of chopper pumps for municipal and civic bodies accounts for the voluminous growth of the chopper pumps market. According to numbers, of every 10 chopper pumps purchased for municipal applications, at least are 7 are used for wastewater and sewage treatment.

Chopper pumps find critical use to help operators solve clogging – a common problem faced at wastewater treatment plants. Water from agricultural waste, industrial sewage, and untreated wastewater from chemical factories is loaded with solids that need to be removed where chopper pumps find use on a large scale.

The upcoming report on the chopper pumps market provides an in-depth analysis of the market covering vital factors that support or challenge growth. Furthermore, the report discusses growth opportunities and regional landscape over the 2020- 2030 forecast period for valuable insights for stakeholders in the chopper pumps market.

Chopper Pumps Market: Competitive Landscape

The chopper pumps market is highly fragmented with a large number of small and large players in the fray. Product innovation, reduction of capital expenses, and maintenance costs are key focuses of players in the chopper pumps market. For example, in June 2020, Landia – a Denmark-based pump manufacturer manufactured a novel chopper pump for a biogas plant in Ireland. Measuring more than 7m, the long-shaft chopper pump ensures trouble-free and cost-effective pumping with only one single unit. With this design, this pump will be used in a slurry pit to combine cow slurry with other raw materials before it is pumped into another tank. The mixture is then used as a feedstock in farms.

Some key players in the chopper pumps market are Xylem, Cornell, Vaughan, Sulzer, Eddy Pump, and Landia A/S/

Chopper Pumps Market: Key Trends

Expanding sales and distribution networks is a key factor fueling the chopper pumps market. Sales of chopper pumps primarily take place through a large network of retailers and distributors with a multi-pronged branding strategy. Large retailers and distributors mostly integrate sales of chopper pumps with add-on products, accessories, and a robust after-sales service with branding objectives.

For example, Vaughan – a pump supplier in the UK installed a chopper pump at Thames Water Banbury in 2006. The pump is operational for 14 years with no blockages or performance issues. Later, in 2019, a second pump was installed and both pumps went through a comprehensive service overhaul and after-sales assessment.

The complete process, including de-assembly, servicing, and re-installation of the two pumps took about two weeks which included the shipment of components from the U.S. As a result, Thames Water reported minimal pumping costs and overheads and claimed their service pumps were as good as new. The company also reported that the annual lifecycle cost above the original investment price to be GBP 1400- 1500 over the entire 13-year lifecycle.

Chopper Pumps Market: Regional Assessment

The Asia Pacific stands at the forefront among other regions in the chopper pumps market. Rapid industrialization and economic development in developing countries of the region account for a significant revenue share of the region. Need for treatment of wastewater and sewage water produced in large volumes stokes demand for clogging pumps. Clogging pumps are an integral component of wastewater and sewage water treatment to remove solid wastes. Removal of solid waste from sewage water and wastewater makes the water suitable for gardens, parks, and flush tanks.

The proliferation of paper and pulp, manufacturing industries in China accounts for the vast demand for clogging pumps. Thus, the region accounts for high revenues for pump manufacturers.

North America is another key region in the chopper pumps market. Upgrade of food processing and industrial units, and evolving agricultural landscape is leading to overhaul of pumping systems, thereby benefitting the chopper pumps market.

Chopper Pumps Market

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