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Global Chlorine Market: Snapshot

The global chlorine market is foreseen to draw a handsome growth owing to well-paid applications such as ethylene dichloride (EDC)/polyvinyl chloride (PVC), aromatics, propylene oxide, isocyanates, and chlorinated intermediaries. Prophesied to account for a higher consumption of chlorine, EDC/PVC could be highly demanded in the prospering construction sector. Asia Pacific is foretold to be a choice market for capacity expansion, taking in view the rising demands from the booming chemicals sector and plastics industry. Increasing residential requirements in India and China could script the growth of business prospects in the market.

The global chlorine market is predicted to rise at a 6.5% CAGR to achieve a US$42.7 bn by the completion of 2022. In 2017, the market earned a US$31.1 bn.

chlorine market

Vinyls to Collect Massive Revenue Growth in Billions by Closure of 2022

The world chlorine market is prognosticated to see a classification into vinyls, organic chemicals, water treatment, and chlorinated intermediates, as per the segmentation by end use. By the end of the forecast period, vinyls could account for a king’s share in the market while earning a revenue of US$19.5 bn. On an annual basis, this end-use segment is estimated to expand at a US$1.0 bn between 2017 and 2022. The absolute growth garnered by the segment could be greater than any other in the same segmentation class. The dominance of vinyls in the market could be witnessed throughout the course of the forecast period.

A proper study of various segmentations of the world chlorine market is envisioned to play an important role in the advancement of players in the foreseeable future. Buyers of the report could be able to understand the growth of each critical segment in advance and accordingly prepare their strategies for future progress in the market.

APEJ Nominated Larger Revenue Getter Ahead of North America, Europe

On the basis of regional segmentation, the international chlorine market is anticipated to award Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ) for its matchless revenue growth in the coming years. By 2022 end, the region could rake in a US$23.0 bn. It is envisaged to be one of the most lucrative regions for the market. The dominance of APEJ could continue to take shape even until the final forecast year.

Next on the list of most attractive markets for chlorine could be North America with a US$7.4 bn approximated to be earned by 2022. Japan is projected to expand at a CAGR of 6.1%, which could be close to that of North America. With an absolute revenue prospect of US$1.2 bn expected to be achieved during the forecast timeframe, Europe could be another region to look out for favorable opportunities. However, the Middle East and Africa (MEA) is forecasted to showcase a sluggish growth in the near future.

Some of the leading companies operating in the worldwide chlorine market could be Ercros S.A, Olin Corporation, BASF SE, PPG Industries, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, FMC Corporation, Hanwha Chemical Corporation, Ineos Group Ltd., Tata Chemicals Ltd., and Tosoh Corporation.

Extensive Use in Several Chemical Processes to Benefit Global Chlorine Market

Chlorine is utilized as a raw material in a wide variety of chemical applications. It is also a necessary material in the manufacturing of PVC, which is in high demand in the packaging,  automotive, and construction industries.  The global chlorine market is expected to be driven by these factors. The rising demand for chlorine in numerous industrial applications for the production of various intermediate products such as chlorides, hydrochloric acid, and other chemicals is anticipated to fuel growth of the market.

The continuing global pandemic, as well as the accompanying guidelines designed to resolve public health and safety issues, has resulted in an increase in demand for disinfectant products. Companies all over the world are increasing production to meet the unexpected surge in demand from individual households, municipal authorities, grocery stores, and healthcare organizations.

Demand to Gather Momentum from High Use of Chlorine in the Water Treatment Process

Chlorine derivatives are often utilized in metal separation, organic and inorganic chemicals, disinfection, bleaching, and among other things. Chlorine is widely regarded as a powerful disinfectant that is commonly utilized in the process of water treatment. Demand for chlorine in water treatment is projected to increase as the industrial water treatment industry and residential sector are set to expand. In the papermaking process, caustic soda from the chlorine industry is utilized to pulp wood chips. Chlorine compounds also find use in the bleaching of wood and paper pulp. As a result, the expansion of the paper industry is anticipated to push the global chlorine market forward.

In the agriculture industry, different inorganic chlorides are also utilized.  Phosphorus and sulphur chlorides, for example, are required as intermediates in agrochemicals like herbicides and pesticides. Such extensive use of the chemical is anticipated to support growth of the global chlorine market in the years to come. Volatility in price, owing to inconsistent demand and supply, are anticipated to be an obstacle for major industry players in the Asia Pacific region. When chlorine is exposed to other substances, it becomes extremely reactive, increasing the possibility of mishandling. Chlorine's toxicological effects contribute to difficulties of the market.

Global Chlorine Market: Overview

The global chlorine market is prophesied to increase demand in the near future, considering the increasing growth of the liquid chlorine industry. One of the major applications of liquid chlorine could be as a bleaching agent in end-use sectors such as pulp and paper and water treatment. Even inorganic and organic complex chemical manufacturers could up the demand for liquid chlorine. Asia Pacific is prognosticated to lead the market with a high demand for liquid chlorine in the production of vinyl chlorides, which could be further employed for producing polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

In this report, the authors provide an in-depth preparation of market analysis including crucial inputs from industry experts. Readers could be able to gauge the nature of the market landscape and its progress in the next few years. Using data summation from multiple sources, synthesis, and study, the report offers a thorough picture of the global chlorine market.

Global Chlorine Market: Dynamics

The world chlorine market is projected to be pampered for a strong growth in the years to come due to the inspiring growth in the pharmaceuticals sector. As per seasoned analysts, it is approximated that chlorine chemistry could play a significant role in the manufacture of an over 70.0% of the prescriptions vended by the pharmaceuticals sector on a global platform.

Medical drugs that contain chlorine as an ingredient are prescribed for treating a number of diseases and conditions. These could include inflammation, epilepsy, asthma, high blood pressure, anemia, depression, stomach ulcers, diabetes, cancer, and high cholesterol. For an estimated 25.0% of medicines, chlorine could be engaged in the last step of drug formulation. Besides this, chlorine could act out a supporting role in the synthesis of drugs.

Global Chlorine Market: Segmentation

The international chlorine market is forecasted to be classified into four critical segments, i.e. vinyls, organic chemicals, water treatment, and chlorinated intermediates. According to the expert analysis of the market researchers, vinyls could bag a larger share by the end of 2022. This segment secured a share of 48.8% in 2017.

By geography, the international chlorine market is predicted to witness the attainment of the first position in terms of share by Asia Pacific except Japan (APEJ). The domination of APEJ could continue to prevail throughout the course of the forecast timeframe 2017–2022. North America and Japan are anticipated to be among the other attractive markets for chlorine, whereas the Middle East and Africa (MEA) could grow at a slow pace. Latin America and Europe are also expected to join the race.

Global Chlorine Market: Competition

In view of competition, the worldwide chlorine market could testify the presence of Ercros S.A, Olin Corporation, BASF SE, PPG Industries, Occidental Petroleum Corporation, FMC Corporation, Hanwha Chemical Corporation, Ineos Group Ltd., Tata Chemicals Ltd., and Tosoh Corporation. Merger and acquisition could hold a robust status in the market as private equity and strategic buyers seek to cash in on business opportunities. This is envisaged to be driven by underpinning high deal valuations, willingly available financing at smart rates, and solid corporate balance sheets.

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