Chitin Market

Chitin Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Chitin Market: Overview

Chitin is the one of the most abundant natural polymers, probably second after cellulose. Key sources are structural component of crustaceans and insects, and cell walls of fungi and yeast. Most notably and recently, shrimps and crabs have come to be a source. The market potential of chitin stems from advances in biopolymer processing. Remarkable crystallinity and mechanical strength of nanochitin is a case in point. Key characteristics that attract industry players to invest in the chitin market are its non-toxicity, non-allergic, anti-microbial, and bio-degradability. State-of-the art technologies has made nanomaterial processing of chitin a vast market avenue.

The wide range of applications in the chitin market are in packaging materials, membranes chemistry, and wastewater engineering. Chitin has gained popularity in heavy metal chelating of industrial wastewater, particularly since it is nontoxic. A very close counterpart is chitosan. Interestingly, end-use industries prefer this over chitin, especially due to the choice of the solvent.

The study leverages industry-standard tools and research analytics to understand the dynamics shaping the opportunities in the chitin market. It looks at the market potential of various end-use industries and recent research and development initiatives by various players.

Chitin Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Researchers exploring the potential of new materials in energy storage technologies have found chitin as a promising ingredient. In a recent study led by MIT, researchers tested chitin from waste shrimp shells it replace redox flow batteries. Specifically, the investigators tried to test its potential in vanadium redox flow battery chemistry. The demand for making vanadium flow batteries is a promising avenue for sustainable battery materials in the chitin market.

One of the authors of the research paper affirmed that though carbon electrodes have a better performance, chitin are derived from waste materials making them eco-friendly. Future studies in chitin-based electrodes are paving way for new avenues in the chitin market. Research in biomass-based materials for use in sustainable energy applications is likely to unlock new prospects in the market.

Chitin Market: Key Trends

Strides in water purification activities have bolstered the utilization of chitin as biosorbent. Over the years, advances in processing technologies has stirred the market prospects of chitin-based bionanocomposites. The trend alone is a robust factor is a key factor bolstering the expansion of the chitin market. In recent years, chitin also gathered attention of industry and academia in making of biofuels. This is because, marine waste biomass. For instance, acid and alkaline treatment is a key trend expansion of the market.

Another drive for the expansion of opportunities in the chitin market come the application of chitin in pharmaceutical products and cooking thickener. Rising demand for natural fiber biodegradable composites in industrial applications has spurred new revenue potential for manufacturers and processors in the chitin market. In the coming years, biomedical will emerge as a vast avenue for players in the chitin market, reason having to do wide range of nanotechnology applications of chitin. An instance is the use of chitin for fabricating polymer scaffolds. They are used in encapsulating protein cargos. Studies on cargo-release characteristics of chitin biomaterials will propel new avenues in the chitin market. Advances in microencapsulation techniques have made a string and direct bearing in this direction.

Chitin Market: Regional Analysis

The chitin market is expected to see new avenues in the developing and developed world, most noticeably. North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific are promising markets.  Market prospects in North America have benefitted from studies on making biofuels using marine waste biomass. Asia Pacific market has benefitted from the advent and utilization of state-of-the art nanomaterials in chitin processing.


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