Global Cell Washing Centrifuge Market: Overview

The global cell washing centrifuge market is expected to ride along a lucrative pathway in the years to follow. Presence of an unchallenged research sector has played an integral role in driving sales across the global market. The medical industry has made ardent efforts to understand the composition of various types of cells in the body. This quest has led the industry to invest in innovative and high-end technologies such as cell washing centrifuge. Furthermore, application of cell washing centrifuge in medical research has created a boatload of possibilities for market growth. It is safe to expect that the global cell washing centrifuge market would attract fresh revenues in the years to follow.

A report by Transparency Market Research (TMR) unravels a range of factors responsible for the growth of the global cell washing centrifuge market. The global cell washing centrifuge market can be segmented on the basis of end-use, application, and region. The relevance of cell washing centrifuge in blood transfusion procedures has impelled the growth of the global market. Moreover, importance of cell washing centrifuge in serological tests has also played a pivotal role in driving market demand. Study of bodily fluids and serums in the body has become an important consideration for the medical industry.

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Global Cell Washing Centrifuge Market: Notable Developments

Several important developments have made way into the global cell washing centrifuge market in recent times.

  • Biotechnology Medical Services (BMS) K. Group manufactures high-end cell washing centrifuges. The company claims to manufacture centrifuges that give consistent results in transfusion procedures. Moreover, the 12-place and 24-place rotors manufactured by BMS has gained traction from the medical industry. Programming flexibility of these centrifuges enables users to save programs. Furthermore, the company claims that their product carries out up to nine cycles of washing. Product innovation has become the watchword for key vendors like BMS.
  • Cell washers manufactured by Hettich are also amongst the most sought-after products across the medical industry. Provision of a 7-inch touch screen display to read programs and specifications during blood transfusion and serological tests gives an edge to the product. Moreover, intuitive reaction of the system and several other advantages have helped Hettich in popularising the product. The leading vendors are focusing on pervading new territories in order to develop a larger consumer base.

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Global Cell Washing Centrifuge Market: Growth Drivers

  • Importance of Removing Plasma from RBCs

The red blood cells of the body play an integral role in maintaining the health and immunity of the system. Use of cell washing centrifuge to remove plasma from red blood cells has emerged as an important driver of demand within the global market. Furthermore, studies related to antibodies and antigens have also created a haven of opportunities within the global market. Plasmas often interfere with the reaction of antibodies and antigens. The vendors in the global cell washing centrifuge market have made earnest efforts to manufacture high-quality cell washing centrifuge.

  • Importance of High-End Serological Testing

The size of the rotor for cell washing centrifuge plays a key role towards the purchase decision of the buyer. Furthermore, 24-place rotor centrifuges have gained popularity in recent times. Moreover, availability of cost-efficient and time-saving cell washing centrifuges has given a thrust to the growth of the global market. Blood transfusion has become an important function across the medical and healthcare industries. The need for precision and accuracy during blood transfusion procedures is uncontested. This factor has also garnered the attention of potential buyers within the global cell washing centrifuge market. Transfusion labs are equipped with the latest technological for improved and errorless testing.

The global cell washer centrifuge market is segmented on the basis of:


  • Serological Testing
  • Plasma Removal
  • Others


  • North America
  • Europe
  • South America
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East

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