Carthamus Red Market

Carthamus Red Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Market outlook

Carthamus an Arabic word means dye. Carthamus red is obtained from safflower (Carthamus tinctorius). Safflower is an ancient plant which used for natural coloring, medicine, an alternative to fats, and oils and has high resistance and tolerance external factors. This plant naturally produces a large amount of red dye and yellow dye. Red dye is known as carthamus red or carthamin. Carthamus red is natural coloring dye used as a colorant in medicine, food industry and cosmetics. Carthamus red has a positive market development as it is a natural product which is in high demand. People these days are turning to natural and organic products due increase in food safety concerns. Hence, it can be anticipated that the demand for the carthamus red market will increase significantly during the forecast period.

Versatile Applications Of Carthamus Red Will Lead Market Growth

Carthamus red is natural red color dye useful as colorant into a variety of industries. In the food industry there is maximum use of chemicals or synthetic color food products and so is looking for natural colorant and dye. Carthamus red is an alternative to all those artificial coloring agents. Carthamus red in the textile industry is in demand due to its varying shades from yellow, pink and red. It is also used as a substitute to saffron and sold in Africa and other European parts. Carthamus red, a natural plant product has many applications and can have more versatile uses so is expected to have positive market growth globally.  

Carthamus Red Market Segmentation

On the basis of nature, the Carthamus Red market is segmented as

  • Conventional
  • Organic

On the basis of application, the Carthamus Red market is segmented as

  • Food Industry
  • Comsetics
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Textile Industry

On the basis of extraction, the Carthamus Red market is segmented as

  • Natural
  • Chemical Processing

Carthamus Red Market Key Players

The market key players of Carthamus Red are Pengyan international,  Daxinganiling Koralle bioengineering co., Ltd, Zhongbei Northland Bio-chem industry co., Ltd, Revolvy, Xi’an Saiyang Biotechnology Co., Ltd. Industrialists and manufacturers are showing a keen interest in carthamus red market as the demand is increasing every year for the use of natural products and reducing the use of synthetic products.

Carthamus Red Market Opportunities

Carthamus red is a natural colorant which can be widely used into food industry as demand for processed and ready to eat food is increasing. The market in cosmetics is expected to have maximum growth as demand for natural and organic colorants is increasing. It is also used in manufacturing of shampoo and hair color. Due to its various shades of color, its demand in textile industry is expected to grow for coloring fabrics.  There are studies going on for health benefits of carthamus red which will have new applications into pharmaceutical industry. Bound to these factors, the market for carthamus red is expected to have more growth and development during the forecast period. 

Carthamus Red Market Regional Outlook

Carthamus red, the product of safflower is mainly grown in South Asia. It has a developed market into the Asia Pacific and Africa. The market is opportunistic for the American and European market.  As people in these regional areas are turning more towards natural products and also has more use of cosmetics.  The European market has variety of food items usually chasing the natural source products of colorants and dye. The market is expected to grow positive and will have more developments into the forecast period and later.  


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