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Opportunity that changes your life

On the lookout for a job that will challenge and motivate you each day? Look no further.

Looking for an inspiring career that challenges and sharpens your skills and motivates you? You’re right on!

An impeccable journey nestled with milestones is a road that never ends for TMR. Having set new benchmarks in the market research space, the thirst for more is unquenchable. That said, to live the dreams that are aspired, TMR is always on the lookout for people are passionate, aspirational, and motivated. This, of course, stems out of an attitude that motivates oneself and gears up for a new challenge to be won with no push from the leadership. If you are someone who does not shy away from churning out the best in you and taking initiatives fearlessly, then TMR is the right company to work for.

A work environment that will push you to a new difficulty level with ease and make you feel worthy more than ever. TMR’s scope of learning and achievement is just the horizon under the sun. For people who do not fear from failing and only desire to overturn them into success with hard work, TMR is the destination.

A fast developing and expanding company, work culture and work space has been the top priority. Our work place is a simple reflection of global corporate standards that makes employees feel at home while working. And at this very home, the rapidly growing team of 700+ people is a family that is bound by emotions.

TMR's industry-leading solutions enables our clients to gain quantitative and qualitative insights into their business, which leads to superior and more fruitful decisions. Realizing the true importance and responsibilitiesof our products, our team challenges itself daily to perform more efficiently and actively than our competition by ceaselessly improving our key solution offering.

If you are a confident individual with proven knowledge on one of several domains that we work on, such as healthcare, technology and media, chemicals, mechanical, energy and mining, and biotechnology, or have business development skills, TMR needs you. We are already 600-people strong and aspire to breach four-figure employee strength in the near future.

Come, grow with us.

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