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Carbonated Beverages Market

Carbonated Beverages Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2021-2031

Global Carbonated Beverages Market: Overview

Modern shoppers are known to place a high value on convenience, therefore single grab-and-go purchases, as opposed to traditional bulk purchases, make up a significant portion of daily purchases. This prompted the development of shelf-stable technologies and environmentally friendly packaging that uses less chemicals and renewable, clean materials. In order to ensure that there is something for everyone, the items are always being enhanced and reinvented. Due to rising consumer health consciousness, businesses are putting more of an emphasis on using low-sugar, natural, and low-calorie components in their offerings. One such instance is the usage of stevia sweeteners rather than regular or artificial sweeteners. Such innovations are expected to trigger expansion of the global carbonated beverages market in the forthcoming yeas.

In order to appeal to customers seeking both convenience and healthy alternatives, packaging is becoming more "natural." The demand from consumers for portable drink options is still growing, which is expected to present growth opportunities for the leading players in the carbonated beverages market. It has become clear in the ready-to-drink industry that adopting innovative and eye-catching packaging may help sell the beverage to customers who are pressed for time and are increasingly searching for items that match their busy lives. The consumption of ready-to-drink beverages is thus being driven by preference for convenience, which is expected to drive future market demand for carbonated beverages.

While consumers' likes and flavor preferences are taken into consideration when designing carbonated soft drinks, such items are also now being made to be into functional beverages for consumers who are conscious about their health.

Flavor, distribution channel, and region are significant key factors that were considered when segmenting the global carbonated beverage market.

Global Carbonated Beverages Market: Notable Developments

PepsiCo Inc. introduced Soulboost in May 2021, a sparkling water beverage with a dash of natural juice and useful nutrients.

Leading players in the global carbonated beverages market are

  • The Coca-Cola Company
  • National Beverage Corp.
  • PepsiCo, Inc.
  • Asahi Group Holdings
  • Keurig Dr Pepper Inc.

Global Carbonated Beverages Market: Key Trends

The global carbonated beverages market is predicted to be characterized by the advances, constraints, opportunities, and drivers outlined below.

Increasing Usage in the Food and Beverage Industry to Propel the Global Market

Due to customers' busy schedules, carbonated beverages have gained popularity. The demand for low-calorie carbonated beverages in the food business is expanding due to the rising demand for low-carb, low-calorie, gluten-free, and clean-label items. Low-calorie beverages have become more popular due to the expansion of the functional beverage business as a whole and rising consumer health awareness. Easy access to low- or zero-calorie beverages in the market, including those sold at Walmart and various convenience stores, has helped the industry expand. For zero-calorie beverages, the big competitors are continuously coming up with new tastes and innovations to draw in more customers.

As customers look for low-calorie choices, the demand for goods with lower sugar content is rising. Some nations use fiscal strategies, such as raising taxes, to cut down on the intake of sugary beverages. If the tax revenue is used to fund initiatives to strengthen healthcare systems, promote healthy eating habits, and boost physical exercise, public acceptance for such higher taxes could rise.

Global Carbonated Beverages Market: Geographical Analysis

The global carbonated beverage market is likely to be dominated by North America, with Europe coming in second place with a sizable market share. It is anticipated that the industry's expanding demand for processed foods and drinks would have a favorable effect on the local market. In addition to an increase in the number of young people living in the region and a shift in eating habits, the North America market is also being pushed by a rising demand for carbonated beverages. Additionally, businesses are producing new goods and innovating to meet new challenges whilst also taking into account the concerns about customers' health and wellbeing in the region.


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