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Calcium Silicate Insulation Market

Calcium Silicate Insulation Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2021-2031

Calcium Silicate Insulation Market: Evolution

Calcium silicate materials are used for range of high-temperature insulation applications. Their use has gained traction in various applications notably in the construction industry owing to the benefits of safety, ease of handling, and machining. The calcium silicate insulation market has had witnessed a marked impetus on the back of asbestos insulation abatement programs in various parts of the world. The products typically cater for insulation that work under 250F - 1000F.

Various high temperature applications such as structures used for oil refineries, power plants, steam distribution lines, and petrochemical plants had witnessed increased preference of calcium silicate insulation materials as high-strength insulation material. Some of the key characteristics of calcium silicate materials that fuel demand in range of insulation materials is high compressive strength, high flexural strength, and resistance-to-damage from tumbling, all of which lend considerable sturdiness.

Some of the end-use applications in the calcium silicate insulation market are metals, power generation, industrial, petrochemical, and transport. Demand for high-temperature insulation materials is substantial in the transport and power generation industries, and has been generating sizable revenue prospects to market players. The study on the calcium silicate insulation market presents a detailed scrutiny of various key drivers, lucrative avenues, key technological advancements benefitting manufacturers, and strategies adopted by key players to reap revenue gains and consolidate their shares during the forecast period of 2021 – 2031.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Market: Drivers, Current Prospects, Lucrative Avenues

The demand for high-temperature insulation materials in multiple industries is a key driver for prospects in the calcium silicate insulation market. Calcium silicate materials are used in wide range of applications, such as industrial furnaces, aluminium production, process piping, iron and steelmaking, glass production, and ceramics.

Manufacturers of concentrated solar power generation, and fuel cells, and players in various transportation sectors are considerably utilizing the thermal resistance and stability of calcium silicates as they are impact resistance and retain their properties after substantial machining. Rise in demand for calcium silicate for ensuring a good insulation in load bearing applications in the heavy industries is a key trend bolstering the prospects of the calcium silicate insulation market.

The need for lightweight insulation for furnaces and the need for fireproofing boards have driven the market prospects of calcium silicate insulation. The sheer fast pace of urbanization in several emerging economies has spurred the rate of infrastructural development, thereby spurring the demand for products in the calcium silicate insulation market.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Market: Competition Landscape and Key Developments

Several manufacturers in the calcium silicate insulation market are focusing on unveiling products that can be used in a broad range of end-use applications. A number of key players are reaping massive revenue gains from the demand for high-temperature insulation materials in the power and transportation sectors.

Most players are keen on unveiling eco-friendly and safe materials that are also easy to install. A few prominent players have been harnessing advanced design and performance testing to vie for more shares by meeting the needs in high-end applications such as in solar power generation.

Some of the key players in the calcium silicate insulation market are Beijing Hocreboard Building Material Co. Ltd., Taisyou International Business Co. Ltd., SANLE Group, Calsitherm, NICHIAS Corporation, Anglitemp, Johns Manville, BNZ Materials, Promat, A&A Material Corporation, and Skamol.

Calcium Silicate Insulation Market: Regional Landscape

North America and Europe have been viewed as lucrative regions in the calcium silicate insulation market. These regional markets have made strides on the back of considerable technological advances in the material chemistries and their machining. The developments have spurred the demand in several industries, thereby cementing the revenue prospects of these regional markets in the near future. The growing array of high-temperature insulation applications in infrastructure applications has propelled demand in Asia Pacific calcium silicate insulation market. 


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