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Caffeic Acid Market

Caffeic Acid Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Caffeic Acid: Market Outlook

Caffeic acid or 3, 4-dihydroxy-cinnamic acid is an organic compound, naturally found in plants. Caffeic Acid shows the properties of antioxidants. Caffeic Acid claims numerous health benefits such as antiviral abilities, anti-inflammatory, and anticancer. Athletes consume the product to boost their performance.

Caffeic acid is included in the human diet from various common sources such as fruits, vegetables, and various herbs. Some examples are coffee, cabbage, apple, strawberry, mushroom, oregano, thyme. The derivative of Caffeic Acid i.e. Caffeic Acid Phenyl Ester (CAPE), or Phenylethyl caffeate is also a driving factor to propel the demand. CAPE has potential pharmacological benefits such as anti-mitogenic, anti-carcinogenic, anti-inflammatory, and immunomodulatory.  

Owing to the listed health beneficial factors of Caffeic Acid, demand for the same is expected to propel given that consumers are becoming more health-conscious.

Demand for Plant-based Organic Compound Gaining Traction

Caffeic Acid is witnessing a hike in its demand as this organic compound provides various health benefits such as anti-aging, reducing cancer risk, preventing diabetes, and shows antiviral properties because of which it is used in treating HIV.

As Caffeic Acid is available naturally in fruits and vegetables and herbs, production is purely plant-based. The caffeic acid market is witnessing a growing demand for plant-based ingredients, which in turn influences the demand of Caffeic Acid.

Besides Caffeic Acid, derivatives of Caffeic Acid also known as CADs (Caffeic Acid Derivative) are gaining demand because of its effective use as a dietary supplement. These groups of bioactive compounds are produced in Echinacea species. Significant traction has been witnessed in demand of the organic compound by innovating and finding novel, efficient, and reliable production pathways.

Caffiec Acid: Market Segmentation

Based on Product Type Caffeic Acid Market can be segmented as:

  • Type I
  • Type II
  • Type III

Based on End-Use Industry Caffeic Acid Market can be segmented as:

  • Food and Beverage Industry
  • Pharmaceutical Industry
  • Chemical Industry
  • Others

Caffeic Acid Market Key Players

Some of the prime players in the market are Cayman Chemical, Biosynth AG, Wuhan Hezhong Bio-Chemical Manufacture, Hubei Yuancheng Technology Co. Ltd., Penta, and others.

Caffeic Acid Market Opportunities

Manufacturers are working on various research and development and thus launching innovative products. Caffeic acid provides wide applications in pharmaceuticals however, the product is expected to provide significant opportunities in the food industry over the forecast period.

Caffeic acid and its natural derivative Caffeic Acid Phenyl Ester (CAPE), are attracting the number of pharmaceutical companies because of its properties and various health benefits. Therefore manufacturers are trying to find a way to produce it on a large scale. For large scale production of any drug or any derivative of the drug is done by microbial approach, which is a favourable alternative to the chemical synthesis.

For large scale production of Caffeic Acid and its derivatives manufacturers and researchers are preferring Escherichia coli, and are establishing novel pathways for its successful production. This novel pathway of production of Caffeic Acid has opened new possibilities to innovate and find a more favourable pathway that will keep the chemical composition of the organic compound intact and also increase the yield of production.

Because of the similarity of structures of Caffeic Acid and its derivatives these novel pathways are also applied by the manufacturers for the production of its derivatives.

Food manufacturers are identifying caffeic acid benefits and various sources that can be used to make novel products. Consumers are becoming aware of the ingredients being used in any product over package labels and claims. This has led to the manufacturers changing their packaging according to the brands that they are launching into the market. This is to differentiate their product from their competitor.

Packaging has gained recognition in recent times and this trend is expected to reach the Caffeic acid market as the product will enter the retail market in the next few years.

Caffeic Acid Market

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