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Cable Fault Detector Market

Cable Fault Detector Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020–2030

Cable Fault Detector Market: Introduction

  • Cable fault detector, also known as cable fault locator, is used to detect the location of cable faults. The equipment identifies the damage caused to underground cables. Different fault detectors are available in the market depending on the method of fault detection. Some common methods include cable capacitor discharge technique, time domain reflectometry, and arc reflection technique. All these methods require technical expertise and experience for safe operation of equipment and tools. Capacitor discharge technique is the most popular and oldest method of cable fault detection.

Key Drivers of the Global Cable Fault Detector Market

  • Increasing requirement of underground electric cables in different application industries is a key driver of the global cable fault detector market. Rapid urbanization, advancement in network technology, and growth in the information technology and telecommunication industry is driving the demand for cable installation and placement. As cables are an integral part of different systems in the IT and telecommunication sector, any damage to the cable network considerably reduces the integrity and performance of the entire system.
  • Improving safety standards across different industries is fueling the development of advanced products for cable fault detection. Apart from engineering expertise, technology innovation plays a key role in cable fault detection. End markets are increasingly investing in cable fault detection equipment to enable fast and efficient diagnosis of cable issues.


Growth in Telecommunication Industry – a Key Opportunity

  • The telecommunication industry involves side by side underground installation of electric and fiber optic cables. Further, these installations have become more complex in recent years with the rising demand for advanced internet infrastructure. Telecom companies prefer cable fault detectors for quick and accurate identification of fault locations. Cable fault detectors enable telecom companies to improve network connectivity at reduced troubleshooting time and labor force. Further, many service providers are entering the cable fault detection service market with a focus on industry specific solutions.

Asia Pacific Cable Fault Detector Market to Expand at a Significant CAGR during the Forecast Period

  • Based on geography, the global cable fault detector market can be classified into South America (SA), North America (NA), Europe (EU), Middle East & Africa (MEA), and Asia Pacific (APAC)
  • Country-level bifurcation of the North America cable fault detector market includes the forecast and analysis for the U.S., Canada, and Rest of North America. The country-level analysis and forecast of the Europe market covers the cable fault detector market in the U.K., Germany, France, and Rest of Europe. The country-level analysis and forecast of the Asia Pacific market includes major countries in the region such as India, China, Japan, and Rest of Asia Pacific. Middle East & Africa country-level analysis and forecast for the cable fault detector market includes GCC countries, South Africa, and Rest of Middle East & Africa. The South America cable fault detector market is categorized into Brazil, and Rest of South America.
  • The Asia Pacific cable fault detector market is anticipated to record rapid growth, due to growing investment across telecommunication and IT industries. Growth in the penetration of smartphones in developing countries fuels the development of telecommunication infrastructure. Furthermore, India, China, and Australia are home to a large number of power generation and coal mining projects. In September 2019, The Digital Communication Commission (DCC) of India approved various telecom infrastructure projects to drive the adoption of 4G services in the country.

Key Players Operating in the Global Market

Key companies operating in the global cable fault detector market are focused on strong research & development to provide industry specific solutions. Technology advancement, strategic partnerships and collaborations, and investment in online distribution channels are important strategies of key companies operating in the cable fault detector industry.

Some of the major companies identified in the global cable fault detector market are:

  • Eaton
  • Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories, Inc.
  • Schneider Electric
  • H. Horstmann GmbH
  • Elektro-Mechanik GmbH (EMG)
  • Nortroll AS
  • Bowden Bros Ltd
  • ABB
  • Siemens AG


Global Cable Fault Detector Market: Research Scope

Global Cable Fault Detector Market, by Product

  • Cable Sheath Fault Locators
  • Cable Route Tracer
  • Time Domain Reflectometer
  • Pinpointer
  • Voltage Surge Generator
  • Others

Global Cable Fault Detector Market, by Portability

  • Portable
  • Handheld

Global Cable Fault Detector Market, by Industry

  • Petroleum
  • Electrical & Electronics
  • Telecommunication
  • Power Generation
  • Mining
  • Construction
  • Others


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