Business Process Orchestration Market - An Overview

The global business process orchestration market is expected to witness strong growth during the forecast period between 2021 and 2031.

Business process orchestration refers to the act of stipulating actions in business procedures by deploying web services. The process helps to develop the future of business process management and defines the internal behavior of any business process.

Business process orchestration also offers details on the limitations in activities and monitors the overall flow of the process.

The development of business process orchestration is based on the growing digitalization worldwide, as there has been a rise in consumer awareness about the optimization of business procedures using digital transformation.

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Business Process Orchestration Market - Trends and Opportunities

Rising adoption of business solutions by leading organizations in a bid to decrease operational costs is the key growth driver for the global business process orchestration market.

In addition to this, increase in deployment of business process automation technologies by companies in a bid to increase efficiency, improve interactions with enterprises, and the overall quality of internal operations is expected to bolster the business process orchestration demand, in the coming years.

Increased deployment of cloud-based solutions by prominent companies is also expected to propel the business process orchestration market, in the years ahead.

The solution component is expected to contribute the most to the overall business process orchestration market in future owing to features such as standardizing, automating, and unifying the best business practices in convoluted environments.

The small and medium-scale enterprises are anticipated to make the largest contribution to the overall market in the years ahead due to the rising adoption of process orchestration solutions in a bid to gain faster business insights which would help in more accurate, real-time decision making.

Business Process Orchestration Market - Competitive Landscape

The global business process orchestration market comprises several well-established players, many of whom are expected to account for a large share in the overall market, in the years ahead.

Prominent market players are expected to collaborate with the lesser-known players in a bid to expand their market presence and improve their revenue share.

The smaller players in the global market will seek investments from governments and private investors, which could help them in their long-term growth.

Some of the leading players in the global market include Oracle Corporation, IBM Corporation, SAP, Wipro, Fujitsu, and TIBCO.

In 2018, SAP acquired Contextor, a prominent player in the Robotic Process Automation (RPA) market. The objective behind the acquisition was to improve the orchestration process capabilities and integrate RPA into its existing applications.

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Business Process Orchestration Market - Regional Assessment

The global business process orchestration market is divided into five regions, namely, North America, Europe, Asia Pacifc, Latin America, and Middle East and Africa.

North America is expected to be the leader in the global business process orchestration market owing to the presence of several well-established players in countries such as US and Canada and substantial investments in cloud-based solutions.

Asia Pacific is anticipated to witness significant growth in the years ahead because of rapid urbanization in countries such as India and Japan and increasing need for efficient IT infrastructure utilization in these countries.

Leading players in the global market would look to establish R&D centers in developing economies such as India, owing to the ease of availability of key resources such as land and labor in these countries.

Europe is expected to witness strong growth in the overall market in the upcoming years due to the presence of prominent players in countries such as UK and Germany.

Other regions of the world such as Middle East and Africa and Latin America are expected to witness moderate growth in the business process orchestration market due to the lack of awareness about this technology, in countries belonging to these regions.

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Business Process Orchestration Market