Breakfast is the one the most important parts of daily diet . The  busy life style has influenced the breakfast food market globally. instant and  low fat content breakfast such as cornflakes, brown bread, salads among others have become a new trend. The breakfast food market is segmented into Breakfast bars, granola and yogurt bars, instant breakfast, toaster and pastries.

The breakfast food market is highly influenced by consumers from different geographical parts of the world.  The  food habits and eating patterns of these people are  dependent on the needs and occasions of eating. The demand for healthy food  in most part of the world has driven the growth in this market and it is expected to continue over next six years. The manufactures focus  on providing nutritional food for consumers to attract the maximum customers.

 Consumer’s eating habits are considered as important input by the manufactures; therefore  they are reducing the usage of ingredients such as sugar, sodium, and fat, moreover  people from developed nations are suffering from obesity problem. The demand for healthier food will fuel the breakfast market in the next six years. Widening distribution network and convenience are the other drivers for breakfast market that increase the consumption of breakfast food items.  With working culture becoming more prominent people now prefer to consume breakfast that can be fast cooked or ready to eat breakfast, however health concern remains the primary concern . Preference for conventional breakfast items such as eggs and bread is shifting towards  less priced and ready to eat breakfast items such as cornflakes among others. The trend is  expected to continue for the period of 2013 to 2019.

The key players in the global breakfast market are Kellogg Co and General Mills among others.

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