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Biopolymer Packaging Market

Biopolymer Packaging Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2019 - 2027

Biopolymer Packaging Market: Overview 

Living organisms produce biopolymers. Some of the biopolymers are nothing but carbohydrates, RNA, DNA, lipids, and proteins. Biopolymer packaging materials offer an eco-friendly, and attractive alternative to synthetic polymers owing to renewable raw materials, low cost, and widespread availability. It enhances sustainability within the food packaging industry whilst keeping the quality of the food intact. 

Materials that are used in the preparation of biopolymer are lipids, proteins, and polysaccharides are based on the compositional units. In a bid to improve the properties of biopolymer material, they can be formed or laminated as composites. In addition to that, biopolymer materials can be rendered edible or active with antimicrobial or strong antioxidant properties. 

Transparency Market Research explores global biopolymer packaging market in its new report and offers valuable insight, which will invariably assist businesses connected to the market thrive. 

Biopolymer Packaging Market: Notable Developments 

A few of the notable development pertaining to the global biopolymer packaging market as follows: 

  • BASF SE has initiated sale process for its construction chemical wing, which is likely to collect around 2.7 billion euros ($3 billion). 
  • Belpointe Asset Management LLC has acquired a new stake in Brazilian company Braskem SA ADR during the 1st quarter of 2019. 

The noted players that are operational in the global biopolymer packaging market are Spectra Packaging Solutions, Arkema SA, BASF SE, Toray Industries Inc., and Baraskem SA.

Biopolymer Packaging Market: Key Trends 

The important market trends and opportunities for the global biopolymer packaging market are as follows: 

Biopolymer Packaging Market Thrives on Growing Environmental Concern 

Biopolymers are naturally occurring polymers derived mainly from renewable sources, such as animals and plants. Biopolymers are needed in manufacturing of plastics. In addition to that, the global biopolymer packaging market is putting all its focus on accelerating the production capabilities of biopolymers. 

Growing concern about environmental pollution led to the increased demand for sustainable packaging. Therefore, increased demand for bioplastics is being created. For instance, many consumer goods firms, such as Apple and Samsung, are making use of bioplastics for packaging purposes.

For instance, till January 2019, electronics division of Samsung made an announcement of its new sustainability policy, which includes changing product packaging for its appliances, tablets, smartphones, and others. Products, such as washing machines, refrigerators, televisions will no longer make use of plastic bags. Rather, those products will be packed in bags that are made of bioplastics and recycled plastic. These bioplastics are created from biomass materials, like sugar cane, cornstarch, and vegetable fats. Moreover, in the changing global landscape, packaging industry is the one that makes use of biopolymers widely. 

On the other hand, growing strict environmental regulations and consolidation in the international market are expected to fuel the demand for global biopolymer packaging market in the years to come. 

Biopolymer Packaging Market: Geographical Analysis   

The Asia-Pacific is, by far, the largest consumer and producer of biopolymers across the globe. In accordance with the data released by the European Bioplastics, roughly around 56% of the total bioplastics production is made for and by the region of Asia Pacific. When compared with the data of 2016, it suggests that the countries of this region enhanced its production capacity by more than 28%. 

The government of Chinese government has laid stress on pollution-free economic growth. This has forced Chinese plastic manufacturers explore biodegradable options. An inspiring move like this is quite likely boost the use of biopolymers in every sphere of business. It has been forecasted that this move by the Chinese government will influence biopolymer packaging market in the region in a positive way.


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