With the increase in population our demand for energy is also increasing day by day, hence we are always looking for some alternate source of energy that can fulfill our energy demands. Biobutanol which is a renewable source of energy can help us in achieving this energy security. Biobutanol also known as butyl alcohol is a 4 carbon chained non polar molecule similar to that of gasoline. Despite being from an alcoholic group its energy content is much closer to that of gasoline and hence can be used as the substitute of gasoline as a cleaner fuel.
It can be produced by fermentation of biomass that includes corn, sugarcane, wheat etc., which is also known as acetone–butanol–ethanol process. This process releases hydrogen and some useful byproducts like acetic acid, lactic acid and ethanol. The process uses a special kind of bacteria known as bacterium clostridium acetobutylicum. The second process uses Ralstonia Eutropha (soil bacteria) which requires an electro bioreactor. When mixed with gasoline in proper concentration it can act as the fuel for running vehicles. Butanol if prepared using fossil fuels instead of biomass is known as Petrobutanol. Europe and North America are two major markets for Biobutanol while Asia Pacific and rest of the world are still depending much on the conventional fossil fuels. Although demands of biofuels is rising in global market but the fermentation method is highly inefficient and produces a less amount of Biobutanol, thus scientists are working on tools of genetic engineering to develop a method that can be used to produce a good yield of Biobutanol per gram of glucose and have come out with some solutions to this problem. Besides being used as a fuel it can also be used in producing rubber, solvents, plastics and jet fuels.
Major drivers that can affect the demand of Biobutanol in future are increasing population, policies of different countries that supports or promotes use of renewable as well as clean sources of energy, increasing investments by companies in search of a fuel that has potential to replace bioethanol or even the conventional fossil fuels, increasing efforts by countries in order to achieve energy security in case of oil shocks or price rise beside these factors Biobutanol has some of its own advantages that can propel its market growth these includes high energy content, low vapor pressure and less corossivity. However main restraints to Biobutanol market are expensive refining cost, it is highly toxic, gives bad odor on being hydrolyzed and it hasn’t been commercialized in large scale situation despite its unique qualities. Due to limited presence of non renewable sources of energy like oil, gas and coal, energy hungry countries like China, India, Brazil, and Japan etc can always look towards Biobutanol as the alternative source of energy. With the increase in attention towards the environment especially in United States and Europe use of Biobutanol as a cleaner fuel will be important. The European Union has even created targets for usage of biofuels by its members thus opportunities are in abundance. BP fuelled Biobutanol BMW cars were used during the London Olympics of 2012 which has raised interest of several gasoline retailers in United Kingdom as well as in other part of world.
Some key players in the market that are producing Biobutanol includes: Arbor Biofuels, Butalco GmBH, Bioenergy International, Butamax advanced Biofuels LLC (DuPont/British Petroleum), Cobalt Biofuels, Gevo Included which is backed by French oil producers Total SA and Richard Branson, Green biologics limited, METabolic Explorer, and TetraVitae Biosciences.

This intelligence report by TMR is the outcome of intense study and rigorous assessment of various dynamics shaping the growth of the market. TMR nurtures a close-knit team of analysts, strategists, and industry experts who offer clients tools, methodologies, and frameworks to make smarter decisions. Our objective, insights, and actionable analytics provide CXOs and executives to advance their mission-critical priorities with confidence.

The scrutiny of the various forces impacting the dynamics of the market, and key and associated industries, guides enterprises in understanding various consumer propositions. Our clients leverage these insights and perspectives to enhance customer experience in the fast-paced business environment.

All our insights and perspectives are broadly based on 4 Pillars or Stages: ASBC-S, which offer an elaborate and customizable framework for the success of an organization. The essence and the roles of these in organizational successes are highlighted below:

  • Agenda for CXOs: TMR, through the study, sets the tone for agendas that are pertinent to CEOs, CFOs, CIOs, and other CXO executives of businesses operating in the market. The perspectives help our clients to bridge the gap between agenda and action plan. TMR strives to offer guidance to CXOs to undertake mission-critical activities empowered by various business analysis tools, and boost the performance of the organizations. The perspectives guide you to decide on your own marketing mix that align well with the policies, visions, and mission.
  • Strategic Frameworks: The study offers how organizations are setting both short-term and long-term strategic plans. Our team of experts collaborate and communicate with you to understand these to make your organizations sustainable and resilient during tough times. The insights help them decide sustainable competitive advantage for each business units.
  • Benchmarking for Deciding Target Markets and Brand Positioning: The assessments in the study provides a scrutiny of marketing channels and marketing mix. Our various teams work synergistically with you to help identify your actual and potential direct, indirect, and budget competition areas. Additionally, the study helps you decide most effective budgets for various processes and promotional activities. Furthermore, the study guides you to set benchmarks for integrating people and processes with the 4Ps of marketing. Eventually, this will empower you to find out unique propositioning strategies and niches.
  • Business Composability for Sustainability (C-S): Constant strategy planning for sustainability characterizing our C-S framework in the report has become more relevant than before in the face of disruptions caused by pandemics, recessions, boom and bust cycles, and changing geopolitical scenario. The TMR study offers a high level of customization to help you achieve business composability. Composable enterprises are increasingly gaining the attention of CXOs in order to help them combat market volatility. Our analysts and industry experts help you wade through such uncertainties and guide you to become a smart sustainable business in entirety.

The study presents scrutiny of region-specific consumer and technology trends, including the most recent industry dynamics. These broadly cover but not limited to

  • North America, South America, and the Americas
  • Asia Pacific and Japan
  • Europe
  • Latin America
  • Middle East and Africa

The study offers data-driven insights and guidance of several aspects. Some of the more notable questions are:

  • What are the major recent trends that can influence the product life cycle and the RoI?
  • Which regulatory trends shape corporate-level, business-level, and functional-level strategies?
  • Which micromarketing initiatives of leading players will bring in investments?
  • What can be the best framework and tools for PESTLE analysis?
  • Which regions will witness rise in new opportunities?
  • Which are the game-changing technologies being used to capture new revenue streams in the near future?
  • Which operational and tactical frameworks are being adopted by various players in gaining customer loyalty?
  • What is the current and expected intensity of competition the market in the near future?

Disclaimer: This market research study is an ongoing effort and extreme care has been taken to maintain the highest levels of accuracy at all stages. However, in the light of the rapidly evolving business dynamics, some region-specific or other segment-specific changes may take time to be part of the study.

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