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Bicycle Accessories Market

Bicycle Accessories Market: Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2020 - 2030

Global Bicycle Accessories Market: Overview

The demand within the global bicycle accessories market is set to escalate in the years to follow. Growing inclination of the masses towards physical activity and fitness has created ripples across the bicycle manufacturing sector. There has been humongous demand for new-age technologies in bicycles, and this is an important dynamic of market expansion. Riders prefer to equip their bicycles with speedometers and other devices that can help in manoeuvring and handling of the bike. This is an important consideration for the vendors operating in the global bicycle accessories market. These vendors are expected to focus on developing leading-edge technologies for assisting bikers. In view of the factors stated herein, the growth index of the global bicycle accessories market is projected to improve.

This review is a deft explanation of the trends and dynamics that have aided the growth of the global bicycle accessories market. Transparency Market Research (TMR) throws light on some of the leading factors that have driven sales across this market in recent times. The need to ride bikes with all safety measures has necessitated the use of bicycle accessories. Several bicycle accessories are meant to offer better control and vision to riders. Besides, use of certain bicycle accessories such as light and bells is mandatory across a number of regions. Therefore, the total volume of revenues within the bicycle accessories market is slated to escalate.

Global Bicycle Accessories Market: Notable Development

  • The leading vendors operating in the global bicycle accessories market have tapped into the needs and requirements of the masses. Some of the riders cycle across long treks, through woods and wild tracks. This makes it necessary for them to equip their bike with premium support accessories for tyres and seats. The quest of the market players to stay congruent with the needs of bikers shall aid market expansion.
  • The trend of customization of bicycles has gathered momentum in recent times. This trend could give an impetus to the growth of the global bicycle accessories market, mainly because customization is impossible without the use of premium accessories. The market vendors can leverage this propensity of bikers to earn fresh revenues.

Key Players

  • Giant Manufacturing Co., Ltd.
  • Avon Cycles Ltd
  • Garmin Ltd.
  • Campagnolo S.R.L.
  • Shimano Inc.

Global Bicycle Accessories Market: Growth Drivers

  • Trend of Undertaking Biking Expeditions

The use of bicycle accessories has increased by a dramatic chase in recent times. Several people and groups have undertaken biking expeditions to tough mountain ranges over the past decade. The popularity of such expeditions has led people to travel to different countries to experience the thrill of riding bicycles across tough roads. Several tours are organised during summers and spring to the highest motorable roads in Asia and Europe. The aforementioned trends are expected to drive sales across the global bicycle accessories market. Biking has become a profession as paid bikers get to take groups of adventure enthusiasts with them across mountain ranges. This is also a crucial factor responsible for the growth of the global bicycle accessories market.

  • Importance of Cycling for Health and Fitness

Medical experts consider cycling as one of the most important activities towards maintaining health and fitness. Several people have taken up cycling as a regular activity to stay fit. Cycling is particularly useful for developing strong calves and joints. This is an important consideration for youngsters who have family history of knee pain and disorders. Medical practitioners recommend cycling to people suffering from various muscular defaults and problems. Several people have conceded to the recommendations of medical practitioners about taking up cycling as a daily activity. The next decade is slated to witness the inflow of humongous investments in the global bicycle accessories market.

Bicycle Accessories Market

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