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Beverage Mixes Market

Beverage Mixes Market - Global Industry Trend Analysis 2015 to 2019 and Forecast 2020–2030

Market Outlook

Beverage mixes are mainly processed beverage products that are widely used to prepare instant drinks along with health benefits. These days the manufacturers operating in the beverage industry are looking for innovative ingredients that quench the need of the consumers. As the consumers are inclining towards those products that fulfil the need of essential nutrients that are lacking in their regular diet. These days, the consumers are looking for convenient products that are easy to prepare and also easy to consume these are the key factors that is boosting the demand for beverage mixes in instant product categories across the globe.

Beverage mixes are also available in various forms in the market and gaining high traction in the food industry in application such flavor enhancement for texture and mouthfeel. However, the consumer these days looking for flavorful but functional beverages that are mainly focused on natural flavors. These are key factors that are anticipated to boost the overall demand for the beverage mixes market across the globe.

Rising Demand for Sugar-free Beverages Emerge As Eye Catching Trend 

Sugar reduction in beverages has become one of the great topics of interest across the world. As obesity is associated with the rising prevalence of diabetes mellitus type 2, heart disease, and other health issues. These days consumer is focusing on the reduction of calories in their diets, this is due to increasing incidences of obesity and diabetes which is boosting the demand for a sugar-free category of beverage mixes. However, in terms of ingredients, the beverage mixes are also enriched with vital nutrients and dietary fibers. The beverage mixes are also facing higher demand for the production of RTD (ready-to-drink) smoothies, protein beverages, and sports drinks. Due to health beneficial properties, the global beverage mixes market is anticipated grow over the upcoming years.

Global Beverage Mixes: Market Segmentation

  Based on nature, the global Beverage Mixes market has been segmented as-

  • Organic
  • Conventional

Based on form, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • Powder
  • Liquid
  • Granules

Based on product types, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • Instant Beverage Mixes
  • Non-instant Beverage Mixes

Based on source, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • Fruit
  • Vegetable
  • Nuts
  • Others

Based on packaging material, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • Plastic Bottles
  • Paper Bags
  • Pouches
  • Metal Containers

Based on end-use, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • Dairy Beverages
    • Flavored milk
    • White milk
  • Non-Alcoholic Beverages
    • Teas
    • Smoothies
    • Health Drinks
    • Juices
    • Sports Drink
  • Alcoholic Beverages
    • Wines
    • Beer & cider
    • Spirits
    • Rum
    • Whiskey
    • Vodka

Based on sales channel, the global Beverage Mixes market can be segmented as-

  • B2B (Direct Sales)
  • B2C (Indirect Sales)
    • Store-based Retailing
      • Supermarket/Hypermarket
      • Convenience Stores
      • Groceries
      • Specialty Stores
      • Other Retailing Formats
    • Online Retailing

Global Beverage Mixes Market: Key Players

The global beverage mixes industry is mounting under the shadow of the global beverage market. The key players operating in global beverage mixes market includes Neuro Brands LLC, Nutrifusion LLC, Suntory Beverage & Food Limited, Ajinomoto General Foods Inc., BariNutrition, DSM Nutritional Products AG, Mondel?z International Inc., Unilever, Dabur India ltd., Pioma Industries, Corim Industries, Kraft Foods Inc., PepsiCo Inc., and Monster Beverage Co. among others players.

For instance, in July 2020, a Los Angeles-based company- Neuro Brands LLC has launched a new product line for the powdered drink/beverage mixes under the brand name of neuroIMMUNE and neruoSLEEP. The neuroIMMUNE beverage mixes are enriched with vitamin D, antioxidants including zinc and selenium along with aloe vera. Apart from that, neuroIMMUNE also supports the immune system and prevents various diseases.

Opportunities for Market Participants:

The global beverage producers are being challenged by the regulatory bodies along with consumers in terms of quality of ingredients present the particular beverage. There are various considerations for ingredients while formulating the beverage mixes such as easy to dissolve, sediment-free or not be gritty, appearance along with mouth-feel. The beverage mixes have a long shelf life, this property is making it great are easy to store and to have on hand. However, these days’ consumers are also looking for the various food label and claims such as clean label, vegan, Halal & Kosher, non-GMO, sugar-free, and gluten-free among others before buying any product. These factors are creating growth prospects for the producers of beverage mixes to launch innovative products as per the demand for consumers to generate more revenue.


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