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It is never enough to know your own sales figures! In a world of ever-intensifying competition, you need to know what your customer expectations are and how your performance rank against those. It is also important to know how your competitors perform in this regard.

Benchmarking is a powerful tool to gain insight into the prevailing competition in any market. At TMR, we provide evidence-based observations on how a company performs through its organization and product life cycle. Through benchmarking we compare cost, features, quality, and functionalities of your products against other companies in the same market. We create a comparison matrix of your competitor's products and services to help you make necessary improvements in your existing portfolio to develop an optimum offering.

In addition, through our process benchmarking solutions we show how top performing companies in a market accomplish specific processes. Data for process benchmarking is derived via in-depth research, various site visits, surveys, and from interviews conducted with veterans in the industry. We therefore offer insights into how your competitors perform similar functional tasks. This information can prove valuable in helping you determine winning strategies for the future.

Furthermore, our functional benchmarking reveals information on the existing and future strategies adopted by top performers within an industry. Through functional benchmarking we discuss the strengths and weaknesses of companies operating in the market, besides strategies they adopt in reaction to recent changes.