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Barium Sulfide Market

Barium Sulfide Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Barium Sulfide Market: Introduction

Barium sulfide is also known as BaS; Black ash; yellow powder; barium sulfide; Einecs 244-214-4; Sulfurated baryta; bariumsulfide(bas); Barium monosulfide; bariumpolysulphide. It has Chemical Abstracts Service (CAS) number of 21109-95-5 and the molecular formula of BaS. Barium sulfide is an inorganic compound that possesses different characteristics. Thus, it is employed in various fields. The raw material required for the formulation of barium sulfide is sulfur and barium sulfate. Barium sulfide is used as a key precursor to produce other barium compounds such as barium carbonate as well as pigment lithopone (ZnS•BaSO4). Barium sulfide is employed in electronics, paint and pigments, dehairing hides, flame retardants, luminous paints, and pure hydrogen sulfides. It is also used in imaging of soft tissue by deviation of x-rays. Rise in demand for barium sulfide in end-use industries such as paint pigments and electronics is estimated to fuel the global barium sulfide market.

Barium Sulfide Market: Segmentation

The global barium sulfide market can be segmented based on method of manufacturing, application, and region. In terms of method of manufacturing, the global barium sulfide market can be divided into barite coal reduction method, gas reduction method, and other methods. Reduction of barium sulfate (BaSO4) in the temperature range around 9000C and in presence of carbon leads to preparation of barium sulfide.

Based on application, the global barium sulfide market can be divided into barium salt, paint and cosmetics.

Barium sulfide is used in depilatory products such as hair removal creams in the cosmetics industry. Products used for human body hair removal for beatification and medical purposes are known as depilatory products. Increase in young population in countries such as India and rise in popularity of do-it-yourself (DIY) products are factors driving the demand for barium sulfide as a depilatory product in the cosmetics industry. The demand for highly purified liquids has been rising due growing end demand from industrial and domestic markets across the globe As a result, demand for barium sulfide is anticipated to show significant growth as a precursor to product barium salts during the forecast period. Barium sulfide can be a cost-effective alternative for chemicals such as barium salts.

Barium sulfide is used in the manufacturing process of luminous paints. It is used as an alternative to titanium dioxide (TiO). Rise population and rapid urbanization in emerging economies such as China and India are projected to boost the demand for barium sulfide in the production of pigments.

Barium Sulfide Market: Regional Outlook

Based on region, the global barium sulfide market can be classified into North America, Europe, Asia Pacific, Latin America, and Middle East & Africa. Expansion in automobile and steel industries is anticipated to boost the consumption of barium sulfide as a precursor of barium sulfate in North America in the near future. The barium sulfide market in Asia Pacific is estimated to expand significantly during the forecast period. Industrial growth coupled with the infrastructure development in China is expected to propel the consumption of barium sulfide in the manufacture of paints. Increase in penetration of hair removal products in Middle East and Latin America is likely to fuel the demand for barium sulfide as depilatory products.

Barium Sulfide Market: Competitive Landscape

The global barium sulfide market is fragmented due to presence of global and local players.Key manufacturers operating in the global barium sulfide market include Akrochem Corporation, Nippon Chemical, North American Chemical, ARKEMA, EVONIK, Gemme Specialty Chemicals, Hebei Xinji Chemical Group, Sachtleben Chemie GmbH, Nafeng Chemical Industry, and Hengyang Wanfeng Chemical.

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