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Anti-settling Agents Market

Anti-settling Agents Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020-2030

Anti-settling Agents Market: Overview

The functional role of rheology modifiers for emulsion and paint formulations cannot be overestimated in the paint and coating industries for meeting end-user demands. They are popularly used for oil and water based paint formulations. The anti-settling agents market has thus seen steady rise in demand coming paint and pigment dispersion manufacturers. Anti-settling agents are characterized by high surface activity, which helps heavy pigments to remain in suspension, thereby preventing sedimentation of pigments in paints during transportation and long term storage. Key formulations used in making these agents are polyvinyl acetate, conventional polyamide, and fume silica. Many of these agents are also used as dispersants.

Fumed silica-based anti-settling agents are gaining traction among paint and coating formulators for distinct functional attributes, notably retaining film stability and reduce wetting. Another popular product category is organic bentonite.

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Anti-settling Agents Market: Key Trends

The study on the anti-settling agents market delves deeper into the growth dynamics of demand and consumption patterns, value-addition in vendor ecosystem, and end-use industry trends. The research strives to offer a comprehensive assessment of new chemistries that might pave way to new avenues for the paints and coating sector. Further, the data-driven insights help  know the buyers’ behavior and degree of control of forces of market leading players exercise.  

Strides being made in paints and coatings market are fueling the growth of the anti-settling agents market. Over the years, formulators are coming out with new chemistries to meet the customized or specialized demands of end-use industries. A case in point is the growing research into developing high-temperature anti-settling agents for cement slurry in oil and gas well completion application. New encapsulation methods and new composite chemistries are broadening the horizon in the anti-settling agents market.

Anti-settling Agents Market: Competitive Dynamics and Key Developments

Over the years, companies engaged in formulating waterborne inks have spruced up their focus on adopting anti-settling agents that can maintain “in can” viscosity, anti-sag properties, and an array of other performance properties. The constant efforts in innovations have expanded the avenue in the anti-settling agents market. In this regard, polyamide associative rheology modiers have attracted significant industry interest. The use of hybridized amide technology is gathering steam for waterborne systems.

Top players in the anti-settling agents market are putting their dollars in research and development of agents with long-term anti-settle performance. The shift toward minimal or zero-VOC contents in paints has also led to the advent of new chemistries put to test by researchers. With the vow to make the paints environmentally friendly, the global paint and coating sector might see some novel formulations in anti-settling agents in the next few years.

Some of the key industry participants in the anti-settling agents market are Elementis Plc., Rank Additives Pvt. Ltd., Lysurf Chemical Co., Ltd., Kusumoto Chemicals, Ltd., PT Indoreksa LokaMandiri, BYK Additives & Instruments, Evonik Industries AG, Harmony Additive Pvt. Ltd., and Ester Chemical Industries Pvt. Ltd. Specialty chemical companies are looking to tap into the growing revenues in the market.

Anti-settling Agents Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, Asia Pacific is fast emerging as the axis of new product development avenues and rising opportunity from rapidly expanding end-use industries. The regional market has seen paint formulators make bulk demand for anti-settling agents to cater to the demands of the printing industry, notably coming from packaging sector. North America is also a promising region for chemical companies operating in the anti-settling agents market. Both regions will continue to grow on a good growth trajectory, fueled by rise in research and development for unveiling high-performance paints.

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Anti-settling Agents Market

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