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Guarantee for Cold Chain Vaccine Supplies Gains Importance During Coronavirus Pandemic

Nationwide COVID-19 vaccination programs have put pressure on manufacturers in the ampoules market to work at break-neck speeds in order to fulfill the unprecedented demand for vaccines. It has been found that mobile vaccination service in port is an efficient way to save time for seafarers, when time in port is short. This requires all tools such as syringes, needles, ampoules, and PPE (Personal Protective Equipment). The importance of storage equipment has grown since vaccine manufacturers have to guarantee cold chain supplies.

Due to poor demand sentiments for spa, cosmetics, and beauty products, companies in the ampoules market are focusing on essential applications for pharmaceuticals, veterinary, and dental applications. Nevertheless, the burgeoning growth of eCommerce is creating revenue opportunities for manufacturers during the coronavirus crisis.

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Contamination of Solutions with Glass Micro-particles Raises Patient Risk

Glass ampoules are being extensively used for the packaging of injection drugs. However, the contamination of solutions with glass micro-particles on breaking open glass ampoules, the presence of metals and percutaneous injury are leading to risks. Hence, packaging companies should work closely with medical practitioners to increase awareness about team training and information on the use of ampoules, especially in the prophylaxis of accidents and contaminations. Manufacturers should increase their R&D capabilities to develop safer materials to replace glass.

Another strategy to avoid contamination is the use of IV (Intravenous) inline filters for ampoules containing injection drugs.

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K-Beauty Skincare Routines in Trend in Personal Care Industry

The global ampoules market is expected to surpass a volume of 74,315.8 million units by 2031. Ampoules are being publicized as skin capsules in the cosmetics and beauty industry. These ampoules are being preferred for their compact size and easy to carry convenience during travel. Ampoules contain very high concentrations of active ingredients as compared to an average serum or moisturizer.

Korean-beauty (K-Beauty) skincare routine is acting as a driver for growth in the ampoules market. Although skin capsules are supposed to be used only once or twice a week, growing momentum for K-beauty skincare has compelled manufacturers to design ampoules for daily use.

Morphine and Veterinary Etamsylate Injections Trigger Ampoule Packaging Applications

Apart from cosmetics and beauty, companies in the ampoules market are unlocking growth opportunities in veterinary applications. Packaging of morphine and veterinary etamsylate injection is fueling the demand for ampoules. Veterinary etamsylate injection is being used for the treatment of surgical bleeding, accidental obstetrics, and gynecological applications in animals. These injectables are recommended for dogs, goats, cattle, and the likes.

The ampoules market is projected to surpass the value of US$ 5.9 Bn by 2031. Manufacturers are expanding their supply chains via eCommerce. Veterinary etamsylate injection is gaining popularity as a bleeding prevention injection. The injection is prescribed for the management of blood loss in menorrhagia after surgery. This preventive measure helps to reduce bleeding from very small blood capillaries.

Oral Ampoules and Ampoule Holders Boosting Market Growth

The ampoules market is expected to advance at a robust CAGR of 8.1% during the forecast period. Pharmaceuticals are creating stable revenue streams for ampoule manufacturers. Maddovit B12 oral ampoules have been gaining popularity for its normal energy-yielding metabolism and its role reduction of tiredness & fatigue. The growing demand for innovatively flavored and vegan products is triggering the demand for ampoules.

Secondary packaging and storage components such as ampoule holders are also contributing to the growth of the ampoules market. These holders allow medical practitioners to prepare several injections. Precision injection systems are preferred for line and terminal anesthesia with active suction device. Clamping devices are being developed to allow the cylindrical ampoule holder to be replaced so that several injections or local instillations can be prepared before treatment.

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Analysts’ Viewpoint

Mobile vaccination teams are making use of equipment such as syringes, ampoules, and disinfection materials at ports to inoculate seafarers during the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak. Single-dose medicines are fueling the demand for ampoules. However, growing environmental waste due to glass and plastic ampoules is creating concerns for stakeholders in the ampoules market. Hence, stakeholders in the ampoules market should take cues from companies such as UtilVtorProm that are providing professional assistance in the disposal and recycling of ampoules for medical institutes, veterinary services, and warehouse managers, among others. Growing K-beauty skincare routines are creating revenue opportunities for manufacturers in the personal care sector. Oral ampoules containing essential vitamins such as B12 are contributing to market expansion.

Ampoules Market: Overview

  • According to Transparency Market Research’s latest report on the global ampoules market for the forecast period of 2021-2031, rising awareness toward consumption of single-dose pharma drugs & beauty care products is expected to bolster the market growth for the same
  • The global ampoules market is expected expand 2.3x times to current market value with a market opportunity of US$ 3.3 Bn by the end of 2031

Rising Necessity for Sterile Medical Packaging Boosts Ampoules Demand

  • Parenteral products such as ampoules are susceptible during handling, storing, packing, and transporting. The sterile barrier medical packaging is an integral part of a safe, effective, and comprehensive healthcare delivery system. The sterile barrier packaging system maintains the product safe and hygienic from the manufacturing point until the time of its use. Most of these vials, ampoules, and containers are designed to prevent the medicines from external environmental influences and virus transmission. The sterile water for ampoule injections contains no antimicrobial and bacteriostatic and is used only for single-dose injection.
  • The sterile medical packaging industry has witnessed exponential growth in recent years, backed by the increasing dominance of infectious diseases. During the COVID-19 pandemic, the demand for sterile ampoule packaging has accelerated to prevent virus transmission. The patients are now conscious of the coronavirus severity and demand the products that protect the medications from devastating microorganisms. The fear and anxiety of coronavirus made people more health and safety aware. The government imposed stringent rules and regulations regarding hygiene, resulting in the demand for safe medical packaging.
  • Growing chronic diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure, cancer leading to health issues, increasing water, airborne infectious diseases, and rising health awareness could propel sterile ampoule medical packaging growth

Demand of Plastic Ampoules Gaining Traction in Medical Industry

  • Ampoules are the most effective and common pharmaceutical packaging solution globally. Plastic ampoules are gaining high weightage in emerging economies due to the rising demand for low-cost and abundantly available low-cost materials. Traditionally, glass was used in the manufacturing of ampoules due to the inherent features of glass as safe and essential packaging for pharmaceutical packaging. 
  • The glass ampoules retain the dominant market share as a traditional parenteral pharmaceutical packaging. In contrast, plastic ampoules are essential in the medical industry due to concern about glass breakage, interaction with the drug product, and delamination.
  • Plastic ampoules possess many attributes compared to glass, such as greater design flexibility, convenience, safety, and excellent dimensional accuracy during production. Plastic ampoules are easy to cut and tear the top of the package, dispense the dose content in a controlled manner. The plastic ampoules offer the correct filling dose to control costs by reducing drug overfill and inefficiencies that occurred during the manufacturing process.
  • Interest in plastic is growing in Europe and the U.S., and most pharmaceutical and biopharmaceutical companies consider plastic ampoules as an alternative to glass ampoules. The companies dealing with high-cost medicines use plastic ampoules. Therefore, the demand for plastic ampoules is increasing due to geriatric people suffering from chronic diseases and the lower cost of production of plastic ampoules.

Increasing Preference toward Child-resistant & Biologic Packaging to Bolster Ampoules Market Growth

  • Child-resistant packaging is mainly developed to lower the risk of young children and kids ingesting harmful medicines. The child could face severe health issues after the intake of access pharmaceutical or cosmetic products.
  • Child-resistant medicine box packaging protects children safely and efficiently from accidental medicines intake. The children can easily exchange the medicines tables and pills and consume the syrups such as a sweet drink, creating a critical situation. Despite the proper and necessary precaution consuming medicines, intoxication by the child is a most severe domestic accident. The innovative child resisting folding box with a locking system and different approaches such as single-use plastic ampoules to make the packaging child-resistant is expected to drive the global market.
  • Additionally, biologic medicines are used for treating chronic diseases such as cardiovascular, cancer, respiratory disease, and diabetes. Due to hectic lifestyles, unhygienic and unhealthy food consumption, alcohol consumption, and rising geriatric population, the demand for biologics is generated. The increased emphasis on research and development activities in the pharmaceutical sector of biologics and biosimilar could project a high demand for the ampoules market.

Lack of Physical Stability of Plastic Ampoules and Adverse Environmental Effects May Hamper Plastic Ampoules Market

  • Plastic ampoules are less fragile as compared to glass ampoules, which create problems during transportation and shipping. The plastic ampoules are not suitable for extreme temperature, harsh chemicals, and extreme pressure. The plastic ampoules are damaged or destroyed in severe weather conditions, which result in contamination of medicines. The plastic is affected by scratches, being dented, and has poor longevity. Moreover, the lack of physical stability due to the absorption of light and the attraction of electrostatic charge in plastic ampoules could create a reaction in the medicinal contents and cause a severe problem.
  • Additionally, plastic ampoules generate a huge bio-waste and create a global threat of plastic dumping, and proper disposal severely impacts the environment. The stringent government rules on plastic consumption and application could hamper the growth of the plastic ampoules market.

Ampoules Market: Key Findings

  • The global ampoules market was valued at US$ 2.6 Bn in 2021 and is anticipated to grow to US$ 5.9 Bn by 2031, at a CAGR of 8.1% through 2029
  • The closed funnel type segment is likely to hold the highest market value share of 32.9% in 2021, as it is highly used in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries to prevent the content from contamination and tampering. The straight stem ampoule type is holding a significant market share of 20.9% on account of technological advancements in pharmaceutical packaging and increasing emphasis on quality improvement.
  • Globally, the consumption of ampoules is expected to grow in the Asia Pacific region due to the increasing demand for ampoules in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic industries in emerging economies such as India and China. The rising consumption of vaccines, insulin, and biologics is due to the rapid growth of chronic diseases in the region.
  • Due to the safe, secure, and durable packaging, glass ampoule material type segment is estimated to hold a significant share of the global market. However, due to cost-effective and flexible packaging solutions, the plastic ampoule material type is expected to expand at a CAGR of 10.0% during the forecast period.
  • Ampoule packaging's less than 2 ml capacity is anticipated to witness remarkable growth at a CAGR of 9.5% during the forecast period due to expected rise of single unit dose packaging and small-sized ampoules for vaccine and insulin purposes
  • The pharmaceutical end-use industry segment is expected to account for the highest market share of 41.0% by 2031, due to single-unit dose packaging and increase in biopharmaceuticals. Cosmetics and beauty aids ampoule packaging is projected to expand at a CAGR of 10.3% during the forecast period due to growing awareness for skin and hair care applications and rising preference for natural and organic skincare products.

Ampoules Market: Competition Landscape

  • TMR analyzed that the ampoules market is highly competitive, owing to a large number of local players in the market. This competition among key players is carefully studied based on developments, strategies, and segmental revenues of companies.
  • The study includes outlines of key players in the ampoules market study, which includes Gerresheimer AG, Nipro PharmaPackaging, Birgi Mefar Group, Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, James Alexander Corporation, SGD S.A., Pharma-Glas GmbH, Schott AG, Stevanato Group, Kapoor Glass Pvt. Ltd., Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., Techno Ampoules (Pvt.) Ltd., Khemka Glass Products Pvt. Ltd., Kishore Group, and Lutz Packaging GmbH. TMR distinguished these ampoules market players as per their segmental earnings into different tier slabs.

Impact on COVID-19 on Ampoules Market

  • The COVID-19 pandemic has caused a direct impact on the economy and a significant reduction in income due to stringent lockdown, supply chain disruption, business closures, and reduced productivity. As a result, various food packaging and eCommerce companies announced unprecedented delays in supplying food and essential consumer products. Apart from the financial crisis, the COVID-19 pandemic has severely affected public health and loss of lives.
  • Pharmaceutical ampoules hold medicines and protect contents from chemicals, contamination, and environmental conditions. Vaccines primarily use vials and ampoules packaging. Glass ampoules are safe, reliable, and suitable for liquid pharmaceutical packaging. A global pandemic demands fast, safe, secure, and sterilized vaccine packaging.
  • Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, public awareness toward hygiene, health, and safety have risen tremendously. Vaccines are a life-saving drug, which requires the utmost security and protection against contamination and external environmental influences. The sterile packaging increases the shelf life and protects the vaccine from damage and contamination. Ampoules protect vaccine against external severe temperature and weather fluctuations, and increase shelf life of the medicines have a positive impact on the ampoules market.
  • The ampoules market is expected to recover from COVID-19 setback, and a decent progress is expected in 2021-2022 with a year-on-year growth of 4.3% to 5% in the near future

Ampoules Market Snapshot



Market Size Value in 2020 (Base Year)

US$ 2.6 Bn

Market Forecast Value in 2031

US$ 5.9 Bn

Growth Rate (CAGR)


Forecast Period


Quantitative Units

US$ Mn for Value & Mn Units for Volume

Market Analysis

This report represent market dynamics of ampoules and lucrative hotspots of the market

Competition Landscape

Competition analysis section in the report represents 5 years performance of the key players and strategies implement by them along with market share of respective companies in the global market


Electronic (PDF) + Excel

Market Segmentation

  • Material Type
    • Glass
    • Plastic
  • Capacity
    • Less than 2 ml
    • 3 to 5 ml
    • 6 to 8 ml
    • Above 8 ml
  • Ampoule Type
    • Straight Stem
    • Open Funnel
    • Closed Funnel
    • Others (Double Tip, etc.)
  • End-User Industry
    • Pharmaceutical
    • Chemical
    • Veterinary
    • Spa Products
    • Dental
    • Cosmetics and Beauty Aids

Regions Covered

  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

Countries Covered

  • U.S.
  • Canada
  • Brazil
  • Mexico
  • Argentina
  • Rest of Latin America
  • Germany
  • U.K.
  • France
  • Italy
  • Benelux
  • Russia
  • Poland
  • Spain
  • Nordics
  • Rest of Europe
  • Japan
  • China
  • South Korea
  • Thailand
  • Malaysia
  • Vietnam
  • Australia and New Zealand
  • India
  • Rest of APAC
  • GCC Countries
  • Turkey
  • North America
  • South Africa
  • Rest of Middle East and Africa

Companies Profiled

  • Gerresheimer AG
  • Nipro PharmaPackaging
  • Adelphi Healthcare Packaging
  • James Alexander Corporation
  • SGD S.A.
  • Pharma-Glas GmbH
  • Schott AG
  • Stevanato Group
  • Kapoor Glass Pvt. Ltd.
  • Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd.
  • Techno Ampoules (Pvt.) Ltd.
  • Khemka Glass Products Pvt. Ltd.
  • Kishore Group
  • Lutz Packaging GmbH

Customization Scope

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Ampoules Market – Scope of Report

Transparency Market Research (TMR) started a new study on the global ampoules market, providing forecast for the period of 2021-2031. In the study, growth opportunity for the ampoules market is witnessed. The report provides valuable insights, which enable readers to make winning business decisions for future growth of their businesses.

The report highlights significant factors that are constantly determining the growth of the ampoules market, untapped opportunities for manufacturers, trends and developments, and other insights across various key segments. Macroeconomic factors that are directly or indirectly affecting market growth are also incorporated in the report.

Key Questions Answered in TMR’s Ampoules Market Report

  • What will be the impact of COVID-19 on the ampoules market?
  • Which end-use industry will be the most lucrative for the ampoules market?
  • What will be market size of the ampoules market by the end of 2031?
  • Which is the most preferred material type for ampoules in the global ampoules market?
  • Which is the top selling ampoules type?
  • Which country will remain most lucrative for market growth?
  • Which are the top five market players in the global ampoules market?
  • Which capacity holds maximum market share in the ampoules market?
  • Who are major key players in the ampoules market?

Key indicators associated with the global ampoules market have been calculated thoroughly in the report. The study enumerates vital market dynamics such as key drivers, challenges, and trends, along with opportunities in the ampoules market. A comprehensive study on the value chain, which includes component suppliers, manufacturers, distributors, and end users have been incorporated in the ampoules market report. Other key aspects laid down in the market include pricing strategy of leading market players and comparative analysis of ampoules. Furthermore, forecast factors and scenarios of the ampoules market have been covered in the report to understand future prospects of the market.

A comprehensive evaluation and forecast on the ampoules market are provided on the basis of material type, capacity, ampoule type, end-use industry, and region.

Y-o-Y growth comparison, volume and revenue comparison, and market share comparison of various market segments are provided in the report. The ampoules market is analyzed at both regional and country levels.

The report delivers an exhaustive assessment on the structure of the ampoules market, in tandem with a dashboard view of all leading company profiles in the report. Every company’s share analysis on market players have also been presented in the report, apart from the footprint matrix of profiled market players. It also highlights key end users for ampoules market.

The TMR report includes outlines of key players in the global ampoules market study, which includes Gerresheimer AG, Nipro PharmaPackaging, Birgi Mefar Group, Adelphi Healthcare Packaging, James Alexander Corporation, SGD S.A., Pharma-Glas GmbH, Schott AG, Stevanato Group, Kapoor Glass Pvt. Ltd., Shandong Pharmaceutical Glass Co., Ltd., Techno Ampoules (Pvt.) Ltd., Khemka Glass Products Pvt. Ltd., Kishore Group, and Lutz Packaging GmbH. TMR distinguished these ampoules market players as per their segmental earnings into different tier slabs.

Research Methodology

A realistic methodology, along with a holistic approach makes the base for sharp insights, which are provided in the ampoules market for the study evaluation period. The TMR report comprises of detailed information on growth prospects, along with riveting insights into the forecast assessment of the market.

Extensive primary and secondary researches have been employed to garner keen insights into the forecast study of the ampoules market. The report has further undergone a cross-validation by in-house professionals to make the ampoules market report one-of-its-kind, with the highest credibility.

Ampoules Market – Segmentation

The global ampoules market has been classified on the basis of material type, capacity, ampoule type, end-use industry, and region. Each of these segments are analyzed to provide readers with holistic view of the market.

Material Type
  • Glass
  • Plastic
  • Less than 2 ml
  • 3 to 5 ml
  • 6 to 8 ml
  • Above 8 ml
Ampoule Type
  • Straight Stem
  • Open Funnel
  • Closed Funnel
  • Others (Double Tip, etc.)
End-use Industry
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Chemical
  • Veterinary
  • Spa Products
  • Dental
  • Cosmetics and Beauty Aids
  • North America
  • Latin America
  • Europe
  • Asia Pacific
  • Middle East & Africa

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Ampoules Market