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Aluminum Chemicals Market

Aluminum Chemicals Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecasts 2020-2030

Global Aluminum Chemicals Market: Overview

Aluminum refers to a silvery white chemical element that adheres to the boron group. It comes with the symbol Al and has an atomic number of 13. It is insoluble in water under normal conditions. This chemical is ductile and malleable, it can be stretched into wires and beaten into sheets. Aluminum trihydrate is an Aluminum chemical and it is made from chemicals bauxite through bayer process and is utilized in the making of Aluminum metal. One of the most important uses of Aluminum trihydrate comprise raw materials for the making of chemicals containing Aluminum. It is also used as flame retardant in elastomers and in the production of adhesives, filler pigments and coatings in appermaking, and plastics. Aluminum sulfate is utilized in the form of a flocculating agent for use in treatment of water. Such wide use of the product is likely to foster development of the global aluminum chemicals market over the tenure of assessment, from 2020 to 2030.

Type, end user, application and region are important factors in the market that have been considered for the classification of the global aluminum chemicals market.

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Global Aluminum Chemicals Market: Notable Developments

One of the many relevant and futuristic developments pertaining to the global DNA vaccines market is mentioned below.

  • In November 17, US-based USALCO, LLC made acquisition of a leading American specialist in industrial and maintenance supply. USALCO is a premier manufacturer of aluminum-based chemicals. With this acquisition, it is expected that USALCO will be able to diversify its product portfolio and expand its reach in the coming years.

Some of the prominent companies in the global aluminum chemicals market are mentioned below:

  • Weifang Tenor Chemical Co., Ltd
  • Solvay Rhodia
  • Feralco Group
  • General Chemical Corporation
  • Showa Denko K. K.

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Global Aluminum Chemicals Market: Key Trends

The global aluminum chemicals market comes with the prevalence of the following challenges, promising opportunities, market drivers, and challenges.

Multiple Use of Aluminum Chemicals to Support Rapid Growth of the Market

Aluminum hydroxide refers to a chemical that is available naturally in the form of a mineral known as gibbsite. This product is utilized as a feedstock for the making of various Aluminum compounds, such as specialty-calcined alumina amongst many others. An inorganic commercial chemical, Sodium aluminate, is an efficacious source of Aluminum hydroxide and is utilized in several industrial and technical applications. Poly Aluminum chloride, Aluminum phosphide, and Aluminum silicate are some of the Aluminum chemicals that find extensive use in medical, paper, and textile industries. Such wide scope of use is anticipated to support development of the global aluminum chemicals market in the years to come.

Aluminum comes with an extensive areas of applications. It is utilized in the form of pure metal in several alloys and compounds and these are made by mixing and melting two or more metals. The Aluminum chemicals also find use in fertilizers industry and in the process of purification of water, Aluminum hydroxide is utilized. Such wide scope of use is anticipated to work in favor of the global aluminum chemicals market over the timeframe of analysis, from 2020 to 2030.

Global Aluminum Chemicals Market: Geographical Analysis

Driven by the US, Canada, and Mexico, North America market is estimated to propel growth of the aluminum chemicals market in North America. In addition, high demand from the oil and gas sector are estimated pave way for rapid growth of the North America Market in the years to come.

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