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Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2020 - 2030

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market: Overview

Aluminum aerosol cans have gathered widespread traction in the personal and beauty care packaging industry world over. A wide variety of products such as deodorants and hair sprays are available in aluminum aerosol cans. Several benefits that these cans offer to the packaging industry and end users drive the demand in the aluminum aerosol cans market. Aluminum aerosols are and light weight, more hygienic, and safer than most packaging materials. In addition, in most cases, they are considered infinitely recyclable. Further, cosmetic brands have leveraged the packaging for better product differentiation. Some of the other key end-use industries are the automotive and household goods. Manufacturers in the aluminum aerosol cans market offer goods in necked in, shaped wall, and straight wall.

Packaging industry in the aluminum aerosol cans market is benefitting from the non-corrosive nature of these cans. More often than, they serve the high material barrier requirements of consumer goods packaging.

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market: Key Trends

The growing demand for hygienic and environmentally friendly packaging is a key trend bolstering the expansion of the aluminum aerosol cans market. Over the years, around the world, focus on recyclability among the packaging sector and its end-use industries have increased. This has lent considerable momentum to the use of aluminum aerosol cans.

The growing popularity of 100-250 ml category has boosted revenue generation in the aluminum aerosol cans market. Automotive industry is emerging as one of the key revenue generators for the market. These cans are expected to form an excellent substrate for attractive paint finishes, since these allow fast drying up of paints. Growing use in automotive refinish applications is boosting the prospects in the aluminum aerosol cans market.

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market: Competitive Analysis and Key Developments

Numerous aerosol cans manufacturers have upped their ante by bolstering the capabilities of production lines. Further, several of them are keen on using versatile production lines, in order to gain edge over competitors in the aluminum aerosol cans market. Top manufacturers have been able to get a stronghold in the market by relentlessly focusing on innovations and sustainability. They are experimenting with new printing and graphics. They are adopting new technologies by leveraging the synergies of mergers and acquisitions.

On the other hand, local and unorganized players have made a foray in the market. This has been contributing to the competition in the aluminum aerosol cans market. Some players have

Some of the well-entrenched players in the market are

  • Alltub SAS
  • Shanghai Sunhome (Group) Co., Ltd.,
  • Linhardt GmbH & Co KG
  • BWAY Corporation
  • Bharat Containers
  • China Aluminium Cans Holdings Ltd.
  • Nampak Limited
  • CCL Industries Inc.
  • CPMC Holdings Ltd
  • Alucon PCL
  • Crown Holdings, Inc.
  • Ball Corporation

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market: Regional Assessment

On the regional front, the aluminum aerosol cans market is witnessing huge opportunities in Asia Pacific. A number of nations are witnessing vast demand for personal and cosmetic products, thereby spurring the application of aluminum aerosol cans. The regional market is expected to rise at remarkable strides on the back of technological advances in printing machines. In addition, keen focus of cosmetic brands to differentiate their products has led to considerable uptake of aluminum aerosol cans in various markets in the region.

Europe and North America have been highly lucrative markets. The growth has been fueled by the rising use of these cans in applications other than in cosmetics industry. The automotive application is one of high value-grab opportunity. The presence of some of the top manufacturers of extruded aluminum aerosol cans has kept North America market lucrative. 

Aluminum Aerosol Cans Market

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