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Airborne Pods Market

Airborne Pods Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends and Forecast 2018 - 2026

Global Airborne Pods Market: Overview

The global airborne pods market has grown steadily over the years, owing to the advantage it provides to the aircrafts. Airborne pods are mainly the external pod structure, which are basically designed for providing a better recognition, aerial detection, targeting, identification, data linking, and communication, and self-defensive capabilities to an aircraft. Airborne pods mainly helps in converting a normal aircraft into a surveillance or warfare aircraft.

Previously, several aircraft companies used components and systems of airborne pods individually which were used in a wide variety of sections of an aircraft. Such components of airborne pods include radars, camera, sensors, which were generally equipped in wings, nose, or fuselage of the cockpit in an aircraft. Such USPs are majorly driving the global airborne pods market.

From the perspective of aircraft types, the global airborne pods market is segmented into helicopter, combat aircraft, UAV, and others. Among them, combat aircraft segment accounts for a major share in the global airborne pods market. This is because of the growing global tension which compels several countries in rapidly upgrading their defense capabilities for protecting themselves as well as solidifying their borders. Moreover, many developing countries are constantly increasing their defense budgets for quickly advancing their defense capabilities. Such factors are also fueling growth in the global airborne pods market.

Global Airborne Pods Market: Notable Developments

Some of the recent developments may help in contouring the shape of the global airborne pods market in a big way include:

  • Previously, various metals such as steel and aluminum were extensively used in manufacturing airborne pods. However, due to the heavy weight and high maintenance costs, the aerospace industry has started making airborne pods with composite materials.
  • The advanced and modernized aircraft pod designs are rich in composites with reduced aerodynamic drag. This is because of its smooth airflow design. Such designs help to carry an ample of components inside a pod, due to the more cabin space inside the pod.
  • The supply chain of the global airborne pods market includes pod manufacturers, raw material suppliers, tier-1 players, and end-users. Rapid development of technologically advanced pods and signing long-term contracts are the common strategies adopted by the major vendors in the global airborne pods market.

Key players operating in the global airborne pods market include Lockheed Martin Corporation, Northrop Grumman Corporation, Airborne Technologies, and Raytheon Company.

Global Airborne Pods Market: Key Growth Dynamics

Rising Military Expenditure in Developing Economies to Fuel Market’s Growth

Many airborne pods’ components such as environment cooling system, data link systems, and modern assembly helps an aircraft to overcome the difficulties and problems include recognizing, detecting, and aiming a target object. All such components have its own importance, for instance, environment cooling system helps in keeping aircraft’s temperature cool when it gets heated. All such benefits are majorly propelling expansion in the global airborne pods market. Along with this, rising demand for advanced targeting systems from several developing economies and increasing military aircraft upgrade are the major factors fueling demand in the global airborne pods market.

Furthermore, various composite materials in the airborne pods provide several advantages over metals such as low maintenance cost, good product performance, and excellent corrosion resistance. All such properties of composite materials are also boosting the global airborne pods market. Along with this, rising military expenditure, especially in numerous developing economies such as India and China is also providing impetus to the growth of the global airborne pods market.

Global Airborne Pods Market: Regional Outlook

Geographically, Asia Pacific is expected to lead the global airborne pods market as the region has witnessed rapid growth in the aerospace industry. Along with this, rising demand for upgrading existing aircraft fleet and high investments in developing UAVs could also be responsible for fueling growth in the airborne pods market in this region.

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