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Agro Textiles Market

Agro Textiles Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast, 2021-2031

Agro Textiles Market: Overview

The agro-textiles market has evolved on the back of the constant advances in the arena of technical textiles. Agro-textile products are witnessing an emerging demand in the agriculture industry, where they can be utilized in broad spectrum of applications. Of note, these products are being demanded in horticulture, animal husbandry, fishing, landscaping, and gardening.

Over the years, the agro-textiles market has made strides on the growing revenue generation from the sales of products in these applications. The demand has especially risen to meet the requirements of textile in aquaculture and agro-engineering industries. The agro-textiles market has also progressed anchored in the positive result the products show in the production of crops and plants, opening new value propositions for various consumer segments in agriculture sector.

The study on the global agro-textiles market presents a detailed and granular assessment of key growth dynamics, technological advancements, trends, and promising opportunities for players across the value chain. The report makes an in-depth evaluation of the role of the economic development in various countries on the demand for agro-textiles and offers a data-based insight into the production and consumption volumes in largely agro-based industrial economies in these key regional markets.

Agro Textiles Market: Drivers, Current Opportunities, and Lucrative Avenues

The rising concerns of food insecurity due to widening gap between demand and supply of agricultural produce in various economies is a key pivot for the adoption of products that boost overall yield. Climatic conditions pose significant hurdle in realizing the full potential of agricultural production, in developing as well as developed economies. In this backdrop, agro-textiles present a vast promise by being implicated in crop protection, use in optimizing pesticide use, and improving nutritional quality of the produce. They also play role in process and postharvest operations.

Over the decades, the use of such products is likely to pull in investments by agriculturists and farmers in order to help them burgeoning demand for vegetable crops for the exponential growth of populations of various countries. Nonetheless, stakeholders in the agro-textiles market are leaning on raisin the awareness about the benefits of agro-textile in low- and middle-income countries.

Strides made by fishing and aquaculture have subsequently expanded the prospect of products in the agro-textiles market. These applications utilize agro-textile for their salient features that notably include high abrasion resistance, biodegradability, resistance to UV radiation, lightweight, and durability.

Agro Textiles Market: Competitive Scenario

Manufacturers and producers in the agro-textiles market are focused on meeting the needs of natural fibre-based nonwoven in the textile industry. The upholstery composite industry has further lapped up promising opportunities arising out of demand for high-performance fabric for the automobile industry.

Agro-based economies have witnessed growing body of R&D activities for commercializing hybrids. Arrigoni SPA is one of the pioneers in developing innovative agro-textile products to meet climatic control when used in horticulture application. The company has been at the forefront of hi-tech solution, a recent example of which is unveiling of its product line of thermo-reflective meshes. The products, the company claims, exhibits remarkable photosynthetic performance, offering protection against sunburns particularly aimed at Forth range fruit and vegetable products, and further promotes water efficiency.

Some of the players constantly aiming at consolidating their stakes in the agro-textiles market are B&V Agro Irrigation Co., Tama Plastic Industry, SRF Limited, Zhongshan Hongjun Nonwovens Co. Ltd., Neo Corp International Ltd., Hy-Tex, and Diatex,

Agro Textiles Market: Regional Avenues

Asia Pacific has emerged as a potentially lucrative market. The expansion has pivoted on the strides being made by the agriculture and textile sectors in several of its economies. Europe agro-textiles market has also been hotbed of opportunities. The demand in the Europe market is propelled by the growing demand for improving yield of high-quality vegetable crops. Widespread awareness about the benefits of agro-textiles in improving the nutritional quality of food crops is a key trend cementing the prospects in the regional market.

Agro Textiles Market

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