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Acerola Extract Market

Acerola Extract Market - Global Industry Analysis, Size, Share, Growth, Trends, and Forecast 2019 - 2027

Global Acerola Extract Market: An Overview 

Malpighia emarginata is a scientific name for acerola, which is a tropical fruit-bearing small tree or a shrub. The tree comes from the family Malpighiaceae. It is commonly known as wild crepe, acerola cherry, seriz, and West Indian cherry among others. The acerola tree naturally originated in South America. However, growing awareness about its medicinal and other commercial application have spread its plantation in several other parts of the world. The tree now can also be found as far as India in Asia Pacific and Texas in North America. 

Its fruit looks similar to cherry but is a lot smaller in size. It provides highly nutrition enriching quantities Vitamin C and also contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin A, B3, and B2 as well. The fruit is also famous for its other nutritive value such as antioxidant uses, bioflavonoids, and carotenoids. The acerola tree is also grown for its application for hedges and as an ornament. 

The global acerola extract market players manage to keep manufacturing costs considerably down as the fruit is relatively easy to grow. The tree plantation only requires careful consideration of wind conditions, as its roots are extremely shallow. The tree is propagated through cutting, seeding, and other ordinary methods. 

Global Acerola Extract Market: Notable Developments 

Duas Rodas, a global manufacturer of essential oils has collaborated with CAIF, Concentrated Active Ingredients and Flavors, company is based in North America. CAIF has expertise in dehydrated fruits powder and botanical extracts. The company plans on launching its many products in North America, including acerola cherry-based substances. The company claimed that the acerola cherry is witnessing a growing demand in new markets due to rising awareness about the qualities of acerol cherry. It is gaining prominence in artificial flavoring applications as demand for natural flavored products rises. 

Global Acerola Extract Market: Key Trends 

The acerola extract market is expected to register robust growth as demand for healthy food keeps rising around the world. The acerola cherry contains lipids (2.3-8.0 g), proteins (2.1-8.0 g),  calcium (117 mg), carbohydrates (35.7-78 g),  iron (2.4 mg), phosphorus (171 mg), riboflavin (0.7 mg), pyridoxine (87 mg), water (906-920 g), thiamine (0.2 mg), and dietary fibre (30 g).  Acerola cherries also possess antibacterial and antifungal qualities. 

The acerola extract market is witnessing robust growth due to growing demand in the food industry for bread making and meat-related applications. The acerola cherry provides a natural anti-oxidant substitute, for chemical agents which are going out of fashion. Growing regulations and increasing awareness among consumers are driving these chemical anti-oxidant agents out to make way for new opportunities for all players in the global acerola extract market. 

The fruit also is considered delicious in native areas and gathering steam around the world mainly for its Vitamin C content. There are approximately 1700 mg of Vitamin C in a 100 grams of Acerola cherry. Due to its rich vitamin content, the acerola extract market is expanding in new regions. Currently, the acerola extract market products are used in manufacturing pulps, juices, baby food, and Vitamin C concentrate among others. 

The acerola extract market products are also prized for their medicinal properties in herbal medicine for treating allergic rhinitis. 

Global Acerola Extract Market: Regional Outlook 

The global acerola extract market is expected to register robust growth, thanks to growing demand in North America, Europe, and Asia Pacific. The acerola extract is gaining an increased importance in North America due to its growing demand for poultry. North America region, mainly the US houses large-scale poultry industry. Additionally, the demand for poultry in supermarkets and retail stores is also extremely high. Acerola extract proves to be an extremely effective antioxidant, which improves the shelf life of food products considerably. Due to the spoil-laden nature of meat products and demand for longer shelf life by super chains and fast-food chains, acerola extract is growing significantly in demand. The acerola extract market is also expected to grow considerably in Asia Pacific, thanks to traditional herbal medicine practices and increased commercial food production and preservation techniques.

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