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User shall pay Transparency Market Research for the Service and Content as shown on the website. The User is responsible for all sales, use, property or similar taxes and all customs.

All purchases from the Transparency Market Research site are final. If User is in any doubt about any transaction he/she should contact Transparency Market Research before making a purchase decision and clicking on the purchase button on the Transparency Market Research final checkout screen. If User feels that an error has occurred in any transaction User enters into through Transparency Market Research, User should contact Transparency Market Research to discuss the problem with a member of Transparency Market Research customer service team.

The electronic format and type of information sold by Transparency Market Research is such that Transparency Market Research cannot accept return of products once they have been dispatched. Refunds may occasionally be offered (under special conditions) solely at the discretion of the management

Our research and reports are information and analysis contained in a digital form. Due to this nature of the products, refunds cannot be granted, once a report has been dispatched. In the case of missing or incomplete data in our market research report, Transparency Market Research will provide free customization of that report.

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We are extremely pleased with the work done by Transparency Market Research. We have been impressed with their efficiency to meet our needs and to consistently deliver superior quality service with sheer professionalism. The guys have gone ahead an extra mile and have helped us so as to meet our expectations. It’s a one-stop-shop for all the research needs and we look forward to continue with our strategic association with them. - Dongyang Mechatronics Corp.

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