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Hyperbaric Oxygen (HBO) Therapy Devices Market - Global Forecast, Market Share, Size, Growth And Industry Analysis, 2012 - 2018



Hyperbaric oxygen therapy (HBO) includes 100% oxygen administration under high atmospheric pressure. Owing to its therapeutic values, HBO therapy is gaining popularity in healing chronic wounds. HBO therapy finds its wide range of applications in wound healing, soft tissue healing and in treatment of cerebral strokes and bends.

Diabetes patients frequently suffer from poor blood circulation which causes ulcers and sores that are very difficult to heal. Due to poor blood circulation, diabetics do not get sufficient amount of oxygen required to heal ulcers and sores. HBO therapy improves the blood circulation in diabetics. The global number of diabetics is growing rapidly. As per the International Diabetes Federation, it is expected that 1 out of 10 people will suffer from diabetes by 2030. The increasing numbers of diabetics will serve as future opporutnities for the HBO therapy market. 

Although, HBO therapy has a wide range of applications recent clinical trial datas provided by many institutions are not sufficient enough to judge the effectiveness of this process. To improve the efficiency of HBO therapies, manufacturers are making rigorous research investments for new product development. 

The global market for HBO therapy devices can be segmented into oxygen chambers, multiplace chambers, monoplace chambers and other chambers. Applications of HBO therapy devices include wound healing, soft tissue healing, stroke treatment, bends treatment and others. Based on geographies, the global market can be segmented into the North American, European, Asia-Pacific and the rest of the world regions. 

Some of the key players of this market include ETC Biomedical System, Fink Engineering Pty Ltd, Gulf Coast Hyperbaric Inc, Hyper Tech Inc, OxyHeal Health Group, SOS Hyperlite Ltd, Hyperbaric Technology B.V, Haux-Life-Support GmbH and others

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