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Industrial Sector Market Research Reports

Industrial Sector Research

The industrial sector is a category related to goods mainly concerned with manufacturing and construction. This can include companies involved in industrial machinery, aerospace & defence, waste management, tools, metal fabrication and cement. The industrial sector can be broadly classified into two types – light industry and heavy industry. The industrial sector accepts products from the primary sector and utilizes these products to build finished goods that are then consumed by the end user or sent further for fabrication or additional processing. A commonly used benchmark for industrial goods is the MSCI U.S. Industrials Index.

The industrial sector is one of the main components of a nation’s economy and is critical to its emergence as a developed nation. Development of the industrial sector is absolutely imperative for countries if they wish to scale the ladders of the global pecking order. In the last few decades, the global manufacturing and industrial activity has shifted from North and West to South and East respectively. Rapid growth in manufacturing value additions has played a major role in poverty reduction by way of income generation and employment creation. All the signs point to industrial activity having considerable impact on technological progress in the next few decades, making it essential for all key stakeholders to focus on this dynamic sector.

Industrial Sector Market Research Reports

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