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Biotechnology Market Research Reports

Biotechnology Research

In recent years, the biotechnology industry has been defined by a number of mergers and acquisitions as well as several companies going public. Biotechnology draws from biomolecular and cellular processes to formulate products ranging from drugs to industrial enzymes. The global biotechnology industry currently features over 250 products for healthcare alone. Likewise, biotechnology also increasingly finds uses in the agriculture sector to protect crops against pests and insects. The use biotechnology in formulating new grades of biobased fuels is currently an area witnessing considerable attention. 

These changes necessitate the use of latest techniques that can only be discovered (or improved) via intensive research and development. However, given the steep costs of developing biotechnology products, smaller firms will increasingly find themselves faced with the need to partner with larger firms if they are to see commercial success. The global biotechnology industry is consequently dominated by a few large companies.

Biotechnology Market Research Reports

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