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Published Date: 2015-03-30

Intensifying regulatory expectations, tougher inspection system, and instant need for patient reporting boost the adoption rate of pharmacovigilance among pharmaceutical companies. Rise in the prevalence of acute and chronic diseases has consequently led to an increase in the incidences of drug consumption, thus leading to growth in the number of adverse drug events and drug toxicity cases. 

Published Date: 2015-02-27

Electronic health record (EHR) refers to the electronic version of medical charts and other documents that health workers maintain for their patients. In the past two decades, the healthcare industry has witnessed a rapid adoption of EHR systems across healthcare facilities from medium to large-sized hospitals to small-sized medical practices. 

Published Date: 2014-09-04

Perpetually advancing information technology (IT) and thereby expansion of application area of information technology into biotechnology and life science industry is escalating the growth of the bioinformatics market globally. Bioinformatics is widely used in recording, processing, and converting the data obtained from research and development activities related to life sciences namely, biotechnology, biopharmaceutical, pharmaceutical and agricultural fields; into computerized digital data that can be later used to expedite further research.

Published Date: 2014-05-27

Electronic prescribing or E-Prescribing system (eRx) is the electronic transmission of prescription related information between prescriber, dispenser and pharmacy benefit manager. E-Prescribing system allows a physician and nurse practitioner to transmit a new prescription electronically when a medication error occurs during pharmacy operations. E-Prescribing system has a wide range of applications. 

Published Date: 2014-05-20

A laboratory information system is a complex information system designed for data and information management related to industrial and medical-related laboratories including clinical and analytical laboratories. Laboratory information system allows users to obtain, store, manage, retrieve and record laboratory data.

Published Date: 2014-05-05

Healthcare information system is an extensive integrated system which captures, stores, manages and transmits information related to the health of individuals or the activities of organizations that work within the healthcare sector. Globally, increase in aging population is playing a major role in increasing the demand of healthcare information system.

Published Date: 2014-04-11

The global clinical trial management systems market is growing at a substantial pace owing to the rise in research activities in life sciences, pharmaceuticals and clinical research industries. The global CTMS market, the market that covers software solutions capable of storing, managing and analyzing data associated with drugs in clinical systems, enables enhanced productivity and effectiveness of clinical trials.

Published Date: 2014-02-03

Contract manufacturing is a concept favored by the recent army of big and successful manufacturers. Reducing cost helps a company to assign its investments into other areas like branding, marketing and other sales promoting activities that require constant attention.  Manufacturing and research units are among the integral part of a company’s whole business process.

Published Date: 2013-09-25

The healthcare biometrics market is expected to witness considerable growth across the globe due to rising need for curbing increasing healthcare frauds, as well as for providing improved patient care and protecting patent privacy. Simultaneously, there is an increasing orientation towards reduction of out-of-box healthcare expenditures, which have been worth billions in recent years due to various reasons such as identity duplication, false insurance claims, and medical thefts. 

Published Date: 2013-05-07

The computational biology market is predicted to have a notable growth owing to its wide use by biotechnology and pharmaceutical companies to reduce the incidences of late stage failures of their drugs and thereby curb R&D expenditure. This market involves application of biology and information technology field for drug discovery and drug development. Computational biology also assists in reducing extensive use of human in clinical trials and is therefore useful for pediatric trials, trials on pregnant women and orphan disease research.

Published Date: 2013-03-20

This report provides an in-depth analysis and market forecast for the global pharmacy automation market for the period 2012 – 2018. The report provides details of the several pharmacy automation devices currently available in the market along with the impact of these machines on modern pharmacies in terms of efficiency, reduction in error and speed. 

Published Date: 2013-01-24

This report provides the market estimate and forecast in terms of revenue for the global cloud computing market in healthcare industry. A detailed analysis of the market trends, current scenarios and future trends from 2012 to 2018 is available in the report. The market is analyzed by using concepts such as market dynamics including drivers, restraints and opportunities along with their impact analysis and market attractiveness analysis.

Published Date: 2013-01-17

This report covers the market revenue for the global healthcare contract research outsourcing market. A detailed analysis of the market trends, current scenarios and future trends is available in the report. The market is analyzed by using concepts such as market dynamics including drivers, restraints and opportunities along with their impact analyses trend analysis, and market attractiveness analysis. 

Upcoming Market Research Reports in Healthcare IT


Healthcare IT integration is an electronic method primarily utilized for effective management of patient’s health for both individual as well as group of patient. Moreover, it also enables monitoring, archiving and secure integration messaging of the health information’s. In primary healthcare centers the healthcare IT integration has been required for the following: clinical decision support, computerized provider order entry, consumer health IT applications, electronic prescribing and electronic medical record systems.


Healthcare workforce management system is a clinically driven healthcare management instrument that designs to empower hospital and clinic management. Healthcare facilities such as hospitals, clinics and doctors’ office are facing a number of common problems that includes managing shift differentials, attracting and retaining top talent and keeping track of multiple pay rates.


Wound is defined as a disruption in the continuous structure of the skin, which may at times extend to internal layers lying deep below the skin. Traditionally wound was defined as any bleeding of extremities or vital organs visible from outside, modern science has currently included the occurrence of internal wounds within the definition of wound.


Single use bioprocessing equipment in a relatively short span of time has become widely accepted in the field of bioprocessing. First single use bioreactor entered the market approximately 10 years ago. It was Wave rocker platforms by GE Healthcare. Since, then the new entrants continue to launch their innovative products. Bioprocess is a process that is used to obtain desired products from the living cells or their components such as chloroplasts, bacteria, enzymes and others in containers.


Cattle biologics are defined as the vaccines, bacterins, diagnostics etc which helps to prevent, diagnose or treat the disease conditions in cattle and calves. These product works through some immunological pathway. The cattle biologics manufacturing market consist of four major segments on the basis of the products namely:


In general terms, cloud computing may be defined as an internet based computing where storing, access to data and programs are achieved through internet instead of computer’s hard drive. Cloud computing eliminates the need of local server or personal system for data sharing and other computing resources. One of the major advantages of cloud computing is that it globalizes the workforce at low expenses. 


Clinical Information Systems (CIS) is a computer aided system that manages, stores and rechecks all medical information in hospitals such as health history of patients, prescriptions, doctor's notes and any other special comment whereas all information is electronically kept together. By capturing clinical data CIS makes the decision making process and clinical care delivery more efficient and effective and also helps to replace the paper work. 


Recent advances in technology have resulted into a new healthcare interventional approach and demand for lowering of the overall cost of treatment. This has led to the development of online patient monitoring devices. In online patient monitoring patient are continuously observed and analyzed without being hospitalized. This technique is alternatively known as remote patient monitoring or mobile patient monitoring as well. 


Health informatics is defined as the knowledge, skills, and tools that enable the information to be collected, managed, used and shared for supporting the delivery of healthcare services and promoting health. Health informatics is one of the fastest growing segments of information technology and computer science.


The need for accurate information systems arises primarily from the increasing number of critical patients, since they can deliver information about the various medical parameters of patients accurately. High acuity information system is engaged in maintaining electronic patient records (EPR) coupled with computerized physician order entry (CPOE). 


Healthcare IT is a collective term used for solutions offered by information technology in the healthcare industry. These solutions offer better data management and secure exchange of health information among customers, governments, providers and insurers. There is a huge demand of general applications such as electronic health and medical record system and computerized physician order entry system along with specialized solutions such as clinical trials management system, data mining system and clinical decision support system. 


The global market for ePharmacies is projected to reach USD 51.75 billion by the end of 2017 owing to the increasing number of tech-savvy people and rising demand for prescription drugs. The ePharmacies meeting the regulatory standards set by the government and following ethical business practices are likely to emerge as safe, affordable, and accessible source of prescription drugs in the near future. The present scenario reflects higher penetration of the ePharmacy industry in developed countries as compared to the developing market. This is mainly because of the increasing use of Internet in developed economies.

Healthcare IT Research

Increasing costs, conflicts in excellence and inefficiency are the prime challenges faced by the global healthcare system. These challenges have created an improved sense of necessity to meet the objective of improving healthcare for patients and reducing the cost of treatment by healthcare providers. In order to meet these objectives, both the public and private healthcare providers have spearheaded new forms of payment reform and care delivery. Among these initiatives, healthcare IT plays a crucial and fundamental role as a new model of patient care and has immense potential to improve the overall excellence, safety and efficiency of the healthcare system. Currently, there are very few healthcare providers who have fully adopted healthcare IT but surveys indicate that healthcare providers are striving towards improving their investment or funding towards IT. Drivers for funding include the assurance of safety, quality and efficiency gains by the healthcare providers. However, the barriers include intricacy of IT execution, high cost of implementation, which often requires noteworthy infrastructural changes and work process. The Health Information Technology and Economic and Clinical Health (HITECH) Act was enacted into law in 2009 as a part of the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009. According to this act, hospitals and eligible professionals including dentists, physicians, podiatrists, etc. will receive financial incentives for their meaningful use of certified Electronic Health Records (EHR).

This section on Healthcare-IT covers market research reports catering to the research needs of solution providers to the healthcare industry, which include pharmaceutical and medical device manufacturers, biotechnology firms, and healthcare practitioners (service providers and professionals).

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