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Biologics Market - G7 Industry Size, Share, Trends, Analysis, And Forecasts 2012 - 2018




With an increase in the number of clinical trials in the past 5 years, the market for biologics is expected to witness a high growth during the coming years. Monoclonal antibodies, vaccines and therapeutic proteins will contribute significantly to the growth in the biologics market. The global biologics market is estimated to reach $176.4 billion by the end of 2012 and expected to grow at an annual compound growth rate of more than 9.5%.

In the U.S. the market will witness significant growth, due to a resolution passed by the U.S. lawmakers in 2010; There is increasing competition among biologics manufacturers. Biologics enjoys medical coverage from Medicare and Medicaid.

The growth in the biologics market will be driven by the higher safety and efficacy provided by biologic treatments. The major areas of treatment that will witness enhanced use are cancer therapy, infectious and inflammatory diseases and baby vaccines.

The report provides an insight into the global scenario of biologics market and discusses in detail the current scenario in the G7 economies providing the market overview and market figures. The research report discusses the important market drivers and future trends in the biologics market. The report also analyses the industry growth rate and provides forecasts for the next five years till 2018. 

Table of Contents


1. Introduction
    1.1. Key Points Covered
    1.2. Report Description
    1.3. Stakeholders
    1.4. Research Methodology

2. Executive Summary

3. Global Biologics Market
    3.1. Market Overview
    3.2. Biologics Market Estimate and Forecast
    3.3. Therapeutic Biologics Market Trends
           3.3.1. By Geographic Region
           3.3.2. By Therapeutic Segment
    3.4. Biologics in Major Therapy Areas
    3.5. Biologics Leadership in drug development
    3.6. Market Dynamics
          3.6.1. Industry Challenges and Strategies
          3.6.2. Key Market Drivers and Restraints
          3.6.3. Key Market and Technology Trends
    3.7. Pipeline Analysis of Biologics
    3.8. Porter’s Five Force Analysis
          3.8.1. Bargaining Power of Supplier
          3.8.2. Bargaining Power of Buyer
          3.8.3. Rivalry Among Existing Competitors
          3.8.4. Threat of New Entrants
          3.8.5. Threat of Substitute Products

4. Biologics Market by Product Types and Therapeutics
    4.1. Market Status by Product Group
          4.1.1. Monoclonal Antibodies
                      Stand-alone Antibodies
                      Stand-alone Antibodies for Specific Antigen Binding
                      Radio-labeled Antibodies
                      Chemolabeled Antibodies
                      Conjugated Antibodies
          4.1.2. Therapeutic Proteins
          Antihemophilia Products
          Growth Hormones
          Growth Hormone
          Blood Factors
          Market Review of Therapeutic Proteins
          4.1.3. Vaccines
          Production Issues
          Opportunities in Emerging Markets
          Adjuvant Developments
          Therapeutic Vaccines

5. Biologics Market by Geography
    5.1. United States
    5.2. Canada
    5.3. United Kingdom
    5.4. France
    5.5. West Germany
    5.6. Italy
    5.7. Japan

6. Competitive Landscape
    6.1. New Product development
    6.2. Agreement and collaboration

7. Company Profiles
    7.1. Abbott laboratories
    7.2. Advaxis, inc.
    7.3. Agennix ag
    7.4. Akebia therapeutics, inc.
    7.5. Amgen inc
    7.6. Apogenix gmbh
    7.7. Baxter international, inc.
    7.8. Erytech pharma
    7.9. Bayer schering pharma ag
    7.10. Biogen idec, inc.
    7.11. Bioinvent international ab
    7.12. Biovitrum ab
    7.13. Celldex therapeutics, inc.
    7.14. Csl behring
    7.15. Cytheris sa
    7.16. Debiopharm group
    7.17. Eli lilly & co.
    7.18. Genmab a/s
    7.19. Dyax corp
    7.20. Genzyme corporation

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